Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Sinister Plans of The Enemy

The Shepherd creative commons
   Jesus came to bring life, and life more abundantly, Satan comes to give us death and that more abundantly. The Devil wants us to suffer and be in pain, dying and losing our soul in the end.

   His workers of iniquity are insane and wicked, and they carry out terrible plans to cause people to suffer great loss and to steal their rights and dignity, and their health. Listen up America, they are putting fluoride in the water systems of our city, they are feeding us genetically modified foods, and spraying the air with metals and chemicals. This is causing health problems, mental and physical across the country.

   The knowledge of these sinister plans are there for us to find, on the internet mostly, but the mainstream media is part of the sinister plans and so is most of the government. Don't follow the mainstream media and culture people! They are leading you to destruction and pain.

   The Lord Jesus is our shepherd,  we are his sheep he looks after. We are just sheep, we can't fight off the wolves and the false shepherds, but Jesus can and will if we call out to him. His staff will beat off the wolves and scare off the false shepherds. Jesus is not a hireling, so he will not abandon us.

   Shedding light on the sinister plans is loving my fellow human, my fellow Americans. I care about you cause God cares about you, and I want the mind of Christ to be in me.

   Take the time to look into these matters, and change the way you live your life, the products you buy and use in your life. It does matter, you will suffer pain and be destroyed if keep being led by wolves. You'll be eaten alive by the wolves if you stray from Jesus, if you don't know Jesus you will be deceived and eaten. Get a Holy Bible, the King James Bible, Authorized Version.

God bless and protect you in Jesus name.

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