Tuesday, December 23, 2014

eBook Review: Modern Day Slaves in America

Don't expect anything other than the lowdown truth here on the Lowdown Truth blog. This time, I'm hitting hard the topic of jobs in America. Everyone has their opinions, and most people have to work to survive.  What is the reality when reviewing the situation we younger generations folks are faced with? I believe we are looking at slavery worse than ever in history.

Quite a statement I know, but when looking at the types of jobs and the population we have to serve, the case can really be made. Then include in that equation the paltry wages we are making compared to the outrageous living expenses we are faced with, and we have a recipe for slavery.

As someone who has always worked, not mooched or been on unemployment for longer than 2 weeks at an employers direction- well, I can tell you the job situation is ugly. The numbers just don't add up for a man to work a full-time job and raise a family. I know there are exceptions, but likely those are created by special blessings, like an inheritance, a wealthy family that helps, government job, criminal jobs, or undignified unethical work. Those last three are main themes in American society.

As for the honest working man working in the private sector, what is he supposed to do? Well, both the wife and husband have to work, leading to him being intrinsically resented by the wife, because it's instinctual for the man to provide for the family. Usually, as we can see, the families break up, the children are raised by the communist satanic school system, and when all is said and done, we are in more bondage and slavery. The worst part is people are starting to become very content in this slavery.

That's the point of this eBook, to wake people up, to break the conditioned perspective most people erroneously have about the state of the job situation in this beast system country called America. The Marxist, satanist, elite New World Order bunch of perverted cowards have come to kill steal and destroy. The main target is the Biblical family unit and the Middle Class. How is this battle going?

Our liberty is in Jesus Christ, and thus I am free from sin and the punishment it brings. This world is temporary and thus my hope lies elsewhere. This eBook is simply fighting back in this reality without fear telling it like it is. It's not right what the younger generations (myself included) are having to face to make a living. And although I know why it's happening, most people are too strung out on drugs and porno to know much of anything past their next high and orgasm.

Consider this a book shinning light into the darkness, you may say I'm ugly for saying it, but what's really ugly us what the light is uncovering. Check out the video below to hear some more about this eBook. Click on the link below to buy it for 0.99 cents from Amazon.

Sincerely in Jesus Christ,

 Robbie (Lowdown0)


  1. Important message to get out.
    We lived in a comfortable home where I brought in a six figure salary and my husband is a farmer. When facing the reality of what would happen to our children if this continued, we decided it was better for me to quit to stay home with the children and choose homeschool (which we never thought we would do). Loosing 90% of our income has been a rough adjustment, but it's the right thing to do.
    We ABSOLUTELY live in a culture that is trying to get us to believe we are ENTITLED to everything, and thus both parents must work and let society raise our children. If we listen, we will become slaves--many of us already have and don't even realize this.
    I have never resented my husband while employed. I don't resent our sudden drop from upper/middle class to "poverty". We can live on a small income, and are doing just fine. I know God has our backs. But there is a lot of resentment from the work field I left behind: You're going to give up heart surgery to milk a cow? You're damn right I am. I refuse to be a slave and in the process sacrifice my children.

    Hope your new release opens eyes and brings communities together.

    Robbie, have you read this? The article is fine, but I encourage you to read the letter. http://endoftheamericandream.com/archives/11-points-of-comparison-between-life-in-the-united-states-and-life-under-hitler-from-a-woman-who-has-experienced-both


    1. Thanks for that comment and sharing Deborah, sound like an interesting journey for you. I don't think I can relate with you in many ways, except in what we find value in. That you decided to homeschool your children indeed means you think for yourself and understand where the true riches are and what is important.

      I think you made the right choice for sure, but I also see that you are a rare person who must get her wisdom from the Word of God, which I know is true. God bless.

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