Monday, December 8, 2014

Pine Ridge Warriors Christian Radio Show


   The Pine Ridge Warriors radio show has come into my radar in the last week and I'v already been so blessed by this wonderful anointed Christian show. So, I wanted to come and tell you about it as well.

   Brother Marcus and Curtis are the hosts and Jose is the producer who put the show together. They make a great humble team bringing great guests and Holy Ghost inspired messages to the listening audience. 

   The show is located in S. Dakota on the Pine Ridge Reservation. The added insight from the Native American landscape is a depth not usually found. There truly aren't many ministries out there dedicated to the Native Americans.

   This show is for Christians and those who love the truth, not just Native Americans. Their love and teachings are based on the Holy Bible only. What really endures this show to me is their humility and sincerity.

   I've been familiar with Marcus through Steve Quayle for at least a year, but I never knew Marcus had a show until now. I guess the BlogTalk show they have has been going now for 11 months or so. They also have a YouTube channel and a website which are quality places to connect with their work. They are included at the bottom of this post.

   I really do encourage anyone who is looking for fellowship to tune in to the Pine Ridge Warriors Show and be feed the true word of God from sincere and sound Biblical doctrine. The guest they have are well known as well as simple unknown Christians who have great testimonies. Personally, I feel blessed that the Lord Jesus has directed me toward their show and soon enough it will be an honor to include them in the tithe we give every month to the many awesome remnant ministries that are on the front lines.

   Check out the show and support these brothers in the Lord Jesus Christ. I know you'll be blessed by it like I've been.

Here are the Pine Ridge Warrior's links:

YouTube Channel


Blog Talk Radio Show

Here is their latest Blog Talk Show with Augusto Perez

Check Out Religion Podcasts at Blog Talk Radio with Pine Ridge Warriors on BlogTalkRadio

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