Monday, November 9, 2015

Is Tiger Woods an MK-Ultra Mind Control Victim?

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What happened to Tiger Woods? This is a question most people can't answer, in regards to why he hasn't won a major golf tournament since he was outed by his wicked Vatican masters in late 2009. Golf announcers and many other people who get paid to supposedly know something about golf, may very well know about golf, but this isn't about golf and I'll tell you why. This is what I believe happened to Tiger Woods. 

I just want to say first of all, I hope Tiger Woods comes to the faith of Jesus Christ and stops worshiping Buddha demons and fallen angels. Yet, Buddhism isn't the major problem Tiger has been facing in regards to his major downfall- the biggest downfall of any great golfer of all time. Tiger was supposed to be on the road to being the best golfer EVER, but now after squandering his prime years major-less- it looks like he will only be about second or even third best - at best. 

In the video below I talk about what I think happened and this will fill you in maybe easier than I can write it all out again, but I do want to add a few things here in the blog. I watched Tiger's first interview after REHAB, and it was like he was in particular even more robotic than usual- and this is saying something considering the guy has about zero personality to begin with.  This really isn't his fault though as you realized what he has really gone through in his life- in fact the man is just starting to grow a character after dealing with this major embarrassment and betrayal in his life. Betrayal? I thought he betrayed others.....well what do you really know though?

See, Tiger Woods is an MK-Ultra shadow government experiment. Maybe the title of the mind control program he was under wasn't exactly MK-Ultra, but it's the same concept. The Nazi scientist (Vatican's beloved creation) using drugs, satanism, and child molestation as a few of the satanic ways to split a person's mind and then program them into a certain function. If you don't believe this has happened or is happening then you are way behind and are living in a Naive fantasy land of make believe. The make believe of Vatican establishment propaganda by the way. 

Tiger is an experiment put forth by his Father who was likely a super soldier- at least a green beret in the Vatican's little fun war of Vietnam. Notice how I'm linking the Vatican- all roads lead to Rome and the Anti-Christ Papacy just to fill you in. So, Tiger gets outed as a voracious adulterer right before he hits his stride in his 30's and they then place him in REHAB (mind control center) and take away his Special Sauce. Afterwards he returns to golf, but doesn't have that extra mind control gear, they took away his split personality which played golf like a precision calculated robot- and now the guy is just a man who doesn't know who he is and has to keep quiet about all the memories he has. No one will believe him anyway, right- just look at Scott Stapp and see, and he wasn't even a child MK-Ultra subject...

Tiger is trapped under the bondage of satanic masters whom his parents and dad sold him out to at even 3 years old. Bob Hope by the way was a satanic child molester too...and Tiger was on his show at yes, 3 years old! Most people are so blind , they think this is crazy..Tiger knows better, but he can't tell anyone, not even his caddy (thanks Steve for running away). The only people who could help Tiger is Jesus Christ and the born again Christians who understand our enemy- the Anti-Christ Beast system run by the Vatican- the Roman Catholic Church. 

So, the motive is simple. These ruling elite Jesuit masters are racist and hate black people. They wanted to humiliate Tiger ( I know he's half Asian OK) and not let him become the greatest golfer of all time over the White players who weren't mind controlled. It wouldn't really be fair using a mind controlled person to be the best golfer ever, but really they didn't want a black person to be the best golfer ever. I mean golf is a 99.99 percent white player sport. Don't argue with this, just look at the game and the history of it. Black people just aren't as good at golf...

This is what really happened to Tiger Woods. He was deprogrammed and is now living with haunting memories of abuse and mind control experiments wondering who he is. And yes, the whore adulterer personality was an alter as well. They needed a way to black mail the guy and pull the rug out from him when the time was right. These people are control freaks. Tiger doesn't love golf, I actually believe he hates the game at this point. Wouldn't you if you played the best days of your life and can't even remember being there? His life and all those who are mind controlled and abused are lives of nightmarish Satanic bondage- and the only hope for them is Jesus Christ in the end. That's why I say pray for the man, pray he will be saved and say heck with this Satanic world of golfing elite weirdos. Maybe he can play ping pong or bowling, maybe a painter or even a sailor. Just be free Tiger of your demonic worship of Buddha and free from the people who have ruined your life and give your life to Jesus Christ and have eternal life...

This is good advice to you reader as well...

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