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At The Crossroads of Christian Faith with the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election: Man or Jesus?

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One phrase that comes to mind during this difficult time in late October 2016, is sorrow upon sorrow. I know this is how many people are feeling in this country and across the world. The 2016 U.S. presidential elections, the highest satanic holiday coming up Oct. 31st, and all the fears of a world falling apart – are trying the hearts of everyone. Many sincere Christians are choosing to look toward man for the solution.

I think of the martyrs in Fox's Book of Martyrs, how courageous those dear brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ were in the face of death – coming upon them in as many evil ways as humans can imagine – at the hands of the demonic forces of the Anti-Christ beast and its workers of iniquity: the Catholic Church. These martyrs didn't even have the Holy Bible many times, as it was hidden from them by the Catholic church for more than a thousand years. Yet, they were willing to die and lose everything for their faith in Jesus Christ.

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Truly, these men, women, and children who were murdered, tortured, and put to death, simply, for being believers in Jesus Christ – the world was not worthy of, and I could only hope to be as wonderful of Christians as they were (and as the martyrs are now).

When contrasting this kind of courage and uncompromising faith in the believers who have perished at the hands of the Anti-Christ Beast in the past (and now through their proxy Islam), with the believers in America who are looking for their solution in a political leader (King), I can't help but see the disparity and difference. Sorrow upon sorrow.

Personally, I see the present time as a crossroad in my Christian faith: do I look toward man or Jesus? The choice is clear (Jesus Christ), as I depart from many remnant Christians looking toward a solution in man, in politics, in this world. Even though the choice is clear to me, it seems many are going down the other road...

I see this choice as a fork in the road, on one side there's the Holy Bible (1611 KJV) and the other a deceiving path of darkness. I've been hearing from many sincere Christian ministries for years that there's no political solution, yet now for many of the same, there's a political solution, yet, as for me, I still believe there's no political solution. This simplicity is all I can hold on to, clearly discerning the futility of trusting in man (politics) as the solution.

The idea of focusing solely on the Holy Bible for my direction, for my solution, for my salvation – is appealing to me in this land and time of confusion. Yet, this decision has somehow been an offense to those seeking a solution in man. I shouldn't be surprised, yet going down this road is even lonelier than before. The reason why I'm doing it, though, is because this is where Jesus Christ is the only solution, this is where I see the light and peace that I desperately long for everyday.

When it comes down to it, I'm just a sheep, dumb and easily scared, so I know that choosing such a lonely road (away from those who I followed before and are now seeking a solution in man) isn't something I have the strength to do without God's help. When it comes down to it, I will forsake everyone and everything for Jesus Christ's sake, as I understand – like those who have died so bravely before – that there's nothing more valuable than my sincere and complete faith in Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior, which cannot be shared with my faith in man.

There's a fork in the road in America for sincere believers in Jesus Christ, and I believe it will be a significant choice in the coming years. Will we look toward politicians and those who are chosen by this world's god (Satan) to lead us? Or, will we solely look toward the Holy Bible and Jesus Christ for our solutions in all things?

The question is one of the heart, God and Satan, are both trying to win the hearts, minds, and souls of men – everything going on in the world is solely for this aim. The problem isn't that sincere Christians are voting, the problem is that they're giving their hearts and minds to men, instead of God. Sincere Christians will keep their souls from man with God's help, but their hearts and minds are being won by men, instead of God – this is the problem and the choice represented with the fork in the road.

There are many sincere, lowly, humble, and broken Christians who understand what I'm saying with this message; these are those who the world looks down upon as nothing, these are those who are ignored and rebuked by sincere Christians who have too much to loose and are respecters of persons. As those who have stature, power, influence, large platforms, and prestige in the Christian world – are, mostly choosing the road opposite that we are: the road where man is the solution, where who will be president of America in 2016 is the solution.

This leaves the lowly, the poor, the forgotten, the broken, and the humble sheep – to have sorrow upon sorrow – and brings us to a point where Jesus Christ becomes even more important everyday of our lives. In the wilderness, we cling even more strongly to our only solution: Jesus Christ – no longer looking toward those top sheep who are now following wolves in sheep's clothing.

I'll end this post with a passage from Fox's Book of Martyrs talking about the Protestant Bohemians martyred in the 1500's:

“ The emperor Ferndinand, whose hatred to the Bohemian Protestants was without bounds, not thinking he had sufficiently oppressed them, instituted a high court of reformers, upon the plan of the Inquisition, with this difference, that the reformers were to remove from place to place, and always to be attended by a body of troops.

These reformers consisted chiefly of Jesuits, and from their decisions, there was no appeal, by which it may be easily conjectured, that it was a dreadful tribunal indeed.

This bloody court, attended by a body of troops, made the tour of Bohemia, in which they seldom examined or saw a prisoner, suffering the soldiers to murder the Protestants as they pleased, and then to make a report of the matter to them afterward.

The first victim of their cruelty was an aged minister, whom they killed as he lay sick in his bed; the next day they robbed and murdered another, and soon after shot a third, as he was preaching in his pulpit.

...Some of the soldiers ravished the daughters of a worthy Protestant before his face, and then tortured him to death. A minister and his wife they tied back to back and burnt. Another minister they hung upon a cross beam, and making a fire under him, broiled him to death. A gentleman they hacked into small pieces, and they filled a young man's mouth with gunpowder, and setting fire to it, blew his head to pieces.

...Lord Schilik was about fifty years of age, and was possessed of great natural and acquired abilities. When he was told he was to be quartered, and his parts scattered in different places, he smiled with great serenity, saying, 'The loss of a sepulchre is but a trifling consideration.' A gentleman who stood by, crying, 'Courage, my lord!' he replied, 'I have God's favor, which is sufficient to inspire any one with courage: the fear of death does not trouble me; formerly I have faced him in the fields of battle to oppose AntiChrist; and now dare face him on a scaffold, for the sake of Christ.' Having said a short prayer, he told the executioner he was ready. He cut off his right hand and his head, and then quartered him. His hand and his head were placed upon the high tower of Prague, and his quarters distributed in different parts of the city.”

Final Note:

Praise God for the faith in Jesus til the end for all those martyrs who died from the hands of the Anti-Christ Catholic Institution, and for all those who will in the future.

This passage explains how the Jesuits were in charge of these horrible murders of Protestant Christians. Now consider this: Donald Trump went to a Jesuit University: Fordham University in New York City for two full years, and he is a Freemason: as is seen and exposed in the picture/video below – The Freemasons are well-known as a front organization for the Jesuits and the Anti-Christ Vatican. (by the way I believe Donald Trump is chosen to be President to lead us into WW3 and win the hearts and minds of the Christians)

Is this the solution sincere Christians are hoping for, or is Jesus Christ our only solution? You make the choice Christians, as for me, it's simple: Jesus Christ is my only living King and always will be, and I will go down the road that focuses on this and the Holy Bible no matter who chooses the other road where man is the solution.   

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