Thursday, December 8, 2016

Why I've Become a Seventh Day Adventist

cc from 3 Angels Messages in Revelation 14

Within the last month, my wife and I have become convicted of the Seventh Day Adventist message, which is, simply, the full message of the Bible. The main differences between the SDA church and the rest of the Protestant churches is: they keep the commandments of God in totality and understand prophecy as the Bible clearly states it.

This article isn't meant to be an extensive study into what the SDA church believes, rather a summary of the main reasons why I believe this is the true remnant Christian church. I understand – as does the SDA church – that there are many sincere believers in all denominations at this time, and that the actual denomination of the SDA has been heavily infiltrated at the top leadership levels by Jesuits; yet, even a watered down SDA church still knows who the Man of Sin is and worships on the true Sabbath day, which is more than can be said of all other “Protestant” churches.

Here are the main reasons why I've become a SDA:

  • Historic view of prophecy (Papacy is the Man of Sin, the Anti-Christ)
  • 7th day Sabbath (Saturday) is to be kept as the 4th Commandment of God
  • Sunday Law will be the Mark of the Beast
  • Dead are asleep in graves until the resurrection
  • Human Souls are not immortal – only God is immortal
  • 2300 day prophecy was fulfilled in 1844
  • Ellen G. White is a true messenger/prophet of God
  • Only church that teaches true Christian history

Historic View of Prophecy (Papacy is the Man of Sin, the Anti-Christ)

This is opposed to the widely popular Jesuit created Futurist prophetic interpretation, which states that the Man of Sin will come in the future and reign for 3.5 or 7 years. Truth is: the Anti-Christ, the Man of Sin, has always been the Papacy, and every sincere Christian (including all of the reformers from the Protestant Reformation) since the Little Horn's rise in 538 A.D. have known this to be true (except for the current deceived, yet sincere, Futurist Christians).

The Historicist view of prophecy is something I've believed for about 2 years before becoming a SDA. The SDA church is the only church that understands who the enemy is fully: the Papacy and the Roman Catholic Church (1st Beast). Every other protestant church has become a harlot of the Mother Harlot and will come into union with her in the end – the leadership and those that remain in these harlot churches.

7th Day Sabbath

The 7th day Sabbath (Saturday) has never been done away with and is still the 4th commandment of God. The Anti-Christ changed the Sabbath to Sunday; Christians are disregarding the Commandments of God and worshiping on the day Satan changed, which means they're, essentially, saying the Anti-Christ has the authority to change God's laws. Those who worship on Sunday and disregard the 4th Commandment of God (knowingly) are being unrepentant of sin as well.

Sunday Law will be the Mark of the Beast

The legislation of the Sunday law will be the Mark of the Beast talked about in Revelation. When church and state combine in America to pass the Sunday law, and then throughout the world, the only people who will refuse to go along are those who keep the Commandments of God fully. Sunday keeping Christians will largely unite with the Man of Sin (Papacy) to persecute those who refuse to stop keeping the true 7th day Sabbath.

There could very well be an actual chip placed in our hands or forehead, yet spiritually, the separation between the righteous and the wicked will be accomplished by the Sunday Law and whether Christians decide to follow the Anti-Christ's laws or the Laws of God (4th commandment). Moving toward this Sunday law is why the Papacy has placed Donald Trump into the White House, who has already deceived most of the remnant Christians who worship on Sunday and believe in Futurism.

The dead are asleep in their graves until the resurrection

The wicked and righteous dead remain in their graves until the resurrection, the righteous will be raised at the second coming of Jesus Christ, the wicked will be raised after the thousand year reign of believers in Heaven.

When people die they do not go directly to heaven or hell, the Bible clearly says this in many places if you're interested in learning the truth. Spiritualism has came from this false doctrine that dead peoples' souls are alive somewhere, making people believe the dead can speak to them, when they're actually fallen angels and demons.

Human Souls are not immortal – only God is immortal

This is an important doctrine I've never understood until becoming a SDA. Human souls are not immortal, and we can only have eternal life if we believe in Jesus Christ and have been washed of our sins with His sinless blood – then we're in the body of Christ and have eternal life in Him. Humans who do not believe in Jesus and do not repent of their sins, will simply be cast into the Lake of Fire and destroyed – their body and souls will perish completely, the results are eternal.

The doctrine of eternal torment was created by Satan through the Catholic Church, and requires for souls to be immortal to be true. The Bible clearly states in many places that the souls of the wicked will be completely destroyed and consumed in the lake of fire, the wicked will suffer punishment before they're completely consumed, but the erroneous thought of eternal suffering is a false doctrine from Satan to askew the loving character of God. Praise God for this truth!

2300 Days Prophecy fulfilled in 1844

I've never even heard of the 2300 day prophecy in Daniel chapter 8:14 until the SDA church explained it to me. The Christians I've been studying from for the last 7 years never mentioned it, this is because they don't understand prophecy, because of the Jesuit Futurism doctrine they hold dear.

The 2300 day prophecy is on the same time line of the 70 weeks prophecy of Daniel chapter 9, which started in 457 B.C. with the decree to rebuild the Jewish temple by the Persians. With the day to year prophetic principle given from the Bible, 2300 years landed in 1844 – the year when the beginnings of the SDA church started.

The founders of the SDA church were mistaken (as were the Disciples of Jesus about his crucifixion) of what was to occur on this prophetic date – they thought Jesus was going to return in 1844.

They realized after their disappointment (as the Disciples realized after the crucifixion the real reason for Jesus' death) that the date signified that Jesus had entered into the Holy of Holies in the Temple in Heaven to begin His final work as High Priest for mankind (Daniel 8:14 ...then shall the sanctuary be cleansed.). The 3 angels messages of Revelation 14 began to be heard around the world from the SDA church at this time.

Ellen G. White is a true messenger/prophet of God

Since I've come into the truth about the hidden things of this world for the last 7 years, and in my continual seeking and learning of truth, I continually came across Seventh Day Adventists in my research (Walter Veith, Bill Hughes, James Arrabito, Roger Morneau, and more). 

These people were very Godly, humble, and knowledgeable about history and prophecy, yet when I looked into the SDA faith, I was always skeptical of Ellen G. White. Every time I looked into it, I concluded she was a false prophet and the message of the Sanctuary (Investigative Judgment) was not Biblical.

Needless to say, I was wrong about Ellen G. White, and the arguments I heard against her are from peoples' ignorance and twisted reason. The truth is, this woman was a true messenger/prophet of God All-mighty. Walter Veith helped me understand this more with some of his videos on YouTube about Ellen, and then I decided to get the book: “The Great Controversy” (her seminal work) and read it for myself. Wow, I thought, this is great stuff – and Biblical!

I'm almost done reading “The GreatControversy” now, and it's already one of my favorite books of all-time. It's like the “Fox's Book of Martyrs”, full of our Christian heritage and the exposing of the Anti-Christ Papacy and Beast Roman Catholic Church – the persecutor of the true saints. Although, I don't understand everything completely, there's nothing I've found that isn't Biblical. The book is drawing me closer to Jesus Christ with every page, giving me more understanding of: prophecy, history, and the Bible -- than I've received over the last 7 years, or my entire life. Say what you want, but until you read her books and give her a chance, it doesn't really matter what scoffers say. Praise God for Ellen G. White!

Only Church that teaches about true Christian History

I've always loved history, yet in the Beast's school system I never learned anything. I was even a history major in college for two years and learned absolutely nothing! Nevertheless, with my own studies I've learned true history, from books that weren't written by the enemy with Jesuit influence. One of the best things about being a SDA is this is the only Protestant church that teaches about true history, Christian history as well as the history of the world, especially since Jesus Christ.

Just take for example, the book “The Great Controversy,” most of this book is a Christian history book, which is by the way the best one I've every read. This church speaks right to my truth seeking heart and fills me up with truth about this world and the spiritual world we can't see.

No other church I've ever gone to teaches about Christian history like the SDA church does – because other churches, simply, don't know their enemy, thus, don't know history. To know history is to know what the Roman Catholic Church has done for the last 1700 years.


My wife and I are so blessed to have found an independent Seventh Day Adventist church nearby in Creswell, Oregon. We've been attending this church for the last month and are convicted that the SDA message is the pure Gospel and doctrines of Jesus Christ. This is the message all true believers will come to understand in the coming years as the Sunday Law (Mark of the Beast) is forced upon our country and world.

Every Christian (and person) will have a clear choice to make in the coming years, to be under the authority of the Anti-Christ and worship on his day (Sunday), or be under the authority of the God of the Bible and worship on the Lord's Sabbath Day: the 7th day (Saturday).

False teachers will come in (and already are, e.g. Walid Shoebat, Rick Wiles, Alex Jones, etc.) and say that Islam is the Anti-Christ and this will unite the “Protestants” with the 1st Beast: Roman Catholic Church – America is the 2nd Beast by the way. This unity in error will also work together to persecute the fundamentalist who insist on keeping all of the Commandments of God, including the 4th Commandment: the 7th day Sabbath. Although hard to believe, we can see how the church and state are uniting under Trump, as even sincere Christians are supporting this union that has always resulted in the blood of the saints.

By the way, beware of any "Christian Watchmen" who say the Catholic Church has been infiltrated at the top leadership levels, yet are and were a true Christian church in the beginning and at lower leadership levels -- this is the "wolves in sheep's clothing" Jesuit-line, which the infiltrators are giving, often quoting from Malachi Martin (a Jesuit who acted as a whistleblower). Truth is the Catholic Church has been a work of Satan from the very beginning.

Sincere Christians, you have two choices: to continue breaking God's 4th Commandment and being unrepentant, by continuing to follow the law of the Anti-Christ (keeping Sunday as the Sabbath); or: repent and start keeping the true Sabbath Day (7th Day, Saturday). You'll have to also stop believing in the false Jesuit created Futurist doctrine too, as this is exactly why you've been deceived into supporting Donald Trump, who is working for the Man of Sin to destroy the true saints of God.

Lastly, I just want to praise Jesus Christ for His long suffering and patience toward us, and for leading us into the truth! My wife and I were in the wilderness for so long, and although we love and appreciate the sincere Christian believers who've helped us learn the truths we did, we thought there wasn't really anyone left with a sound mind – after almost all of these same Christians started supporting Donald Trump for President!

Nevertheless, we took the path of truth, away from the obvious Trump/Jesuit deception, and God has blessed us with the pure and blessed Christian truths found in the SDA church.

I pray and hope you'll seek the truth always and not look toward any man or tradition, and that you too will join the blessed Christian remnant found in the SDA church.

Revelation 14:12 Here is the patience of the saints: here are they that keep the commandments of God, and the faith of Jesus.     


  1. Amen. The truth will MAKE you free. Praise be to Jesus our Lord and Saviour.

  2. Thanks for that loving wife, amen, praise God.

  3. Like the Catholic Church wears the cloak of Christianity the SDA Church has put on the cloak of Reformation Historicist Eschatology.

    The Investigative Judgment is the Transubstantiation of the SDA Church.

  4. I attended a SDA church for about 3 months but had to depart after learning where they depart from scripture.

  5. SDA Church does not keep the true Sabbath, so by their own measure they cannot be saved.

  6. I appreciate your thoughts, yet find your arguments unpersuasive, the seven day cycle has been preserved no matter how many days in the month. God would not tell us to keep the Sabbath as the 4th Commandment and not preserve it on the 7th day. Tell me then, what does the 2300 day prophecy mean then if not the Investigative Judgement? See, critics of the SDA really have no meat to their arguments, and the fruit of the SDA believers are good. Thanks for trying though. Better take it up with God about His Ten Commandments.

  7. You know God even has some of His people in the great whore church, other wise he wouldn't have to call them out. Be blessed my friend and keep yourselves from idols. peace


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