Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Lowdown0 Network Introduction

Harold Dog 

The Lowdown0 Network is a combination of all my online efforts, including: 

- Blogging
- Videos
- Talk Shows
- Music
- eBooks
- Ministry
- Buy and Sell

The best way to follow is by subscribing to Lowdown0 Network Updates, which is an email list that notifies subscribers with newly released:

- Kindle Select eBooks
- Lowdown0 Music Singles and Albums
- Monthly Newsletters with network updates

The main two platforms to bookmark are this site and SoundCloud.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

eBook Review: Trump Methodology

This book contains 6 essays about Donald Trump and the Vatican led NWO. It explores theories around the agenda for him to be picked as President of the U.S.

Three of the articles have been published in this blog, the other 3 haven't been published until now. 

Hopefully this book helps break the delusion off conservative Christians, and helps them understand the role this actor is playing.

Get the eBook on Amazon for $2.99
Trump Methodology