Sunday, December 22, 2013

America is Being Divided

   America is being divided into polar opposites these days. President Obama has caused more contention in our country than even Bush Jr. did. The liberal and the conservative are at such odds when it comes to the future of our country. I mean, how can one person think we're going in the right direction, and his neighbor think we are taken over by communist? Of course, I have my opinion, but the facts are us Americans are at each others throats. Equal disdain is being poured out on the other faction, and to what end? Truth is, we are being divided for a reason.
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   See, it might seem things are randomly happening, but if you think about it -- events are unfolding in the exact order those who run this country want them too. There are bumps of resistance here and there, more than they like, but they quickly stomp them out and have the media fix up the public perception, in order to keep their lie going.

   The truth is this is a spiritual battle, and those who are in control of the world today are the children of Satan. Maybe you think I'm nuts for saying this, but the facts are they actually worship Lucifer. Just read the writings of Karl Marx or Albert Pike. The Rothschild family follows the Kabbalah, which worships Satan. See the people who don't believe in Satan are the tools Satan uses to rabidly attack those who love the Lord Jesus Christ. They do it in the name of something good, of course. Like human rights, equality or even freedom, but the truth is they know nothing, and are actively working for pure evil.

   This subject is too large to adequately surmise in one blog post, so I want to focus on how dividing us is their goal. I want to talk to my fellow Americans and try to make sense of this delimma. I get it, the secular humanist, progressive liberals hate my guts because I don't believe like they do. What I'm saying here is: so what? Can't I and the other fundamentalist Christian conservatives have our view, and not be discriminated against? Let me ask you this, are you willing to shut us up at all costs, because you don't like what we believe? Cause, that means you'll be willing to give up the freedoms this country has, and give way to a tyranny even you will be under unwillingly.

   What I'm saying is, we all are entitled to our opinions. If we are respecting the property of others and not being violent towards the innocent, then we should be able to say and believe what we want.

   While I'm writing this I'm just laughing to myself, because talking sense to insane people is just foolishness. Liberals are so far gone these days it's an abomination. It's like a cancer on society. The truth is every vile thing they say we are, is exactly what they are!

   How else can you describe people who celebrate killing babies! How else can you explain people who let radical Muslims into our country to set up terrorists camps! How else do you describe a government teaching our school children to become homosexuals and communist! How else can you describe people who let our troops be killed and maimed, and the government then deny them benefits! How else can we describe these insane people, who allow transgender people to use both bathrooms in public depending on what sex they feel like that day or hour! How else do we describe sick perverted sociopaths that laud up child molesters like Alfred Kinsley!

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   The truth is the progressive liberals who run Hollywood, who run the government, who run the media, who are the tools of the Satanic secret society elitist – are the most deceived people that has ever been in the history of the world. The progressive liberal hippie generation fools and the generations they have spawned, are the most perverse, selfish, insane, vile, ignorant, vain, vengeful and selfish people that have ever been alive in the history of the world. But guess what, I'm still fine with them having their opinions.

   The truth doesn't sit well with the progressive liberal Marxist communist today, because it fits them like a glove. See what I've said here hits them like a punch to the gut, and an uppercut to the jaw. It's smack dab on target, pin-point direct truth-telling my friends. That's why it gets their gizzards. That's why they want to see me gone, to say it nicely, to see me silenced...

   But aren't I entitled to my opinion?

   See, you can call me names and say whatever you want, please be truthful with how you feel. The only place to start recovering from deception is to tell the truth. I'm OK with whatever they have to say, because if it's not truthful, then I won't care. It doesn't feel particularly good to have someone call you names, but if it's not true, then why should I get offended. Obviously your wrong and have issues, that's not my problem. I'll pray for you to get better, I don't wish progressive liberalism on anyone, even my worst enemies. I know the end of it isn't good, because you can't get good out of bad. Killing babies, for instance, never ends up in as a good thing.

   So in conclusion, I want to reach out to my Christian Fundamentalist Conservative brothers and sisters and let you know we don't need to fall into the trap of dividing our country. We can speak our strong opinions, and let them speak theirs. And when they get red faced and mad as hell, we know then that we hit the mark. What we can hope is that one day they'll see how deceived they really are, by how insane they are acting. It may be obvious to us, but to people in a state of total delusion, it's not. So we can stay calm and get ready for the backlash, but keep in mind they're talking about themselves. If one side keeps their calm, if one side is grown-ups, then we won't be so divided.

   To the liberals that can barely breath after reading this, you can be freed from your ignorance. I once even voted for Obama, but now I see, I was once lost, but now am saved. I can tell you, it's much better not being a tool for those who hate and revile you. That's the lowdown truth for today, you'd be well advised to listen. God Bless.  

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