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America's Shameful Black Friday

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   Black Friday is the term given to the Friday after Thanksgiving, in which millions of Americans start off the Christmas shopping season. Last year there was 247 million people who shopped (at stores and websites) on Black Friday weekend, according to and While Black Friday is good for capitalism, it's shameful to have such greed displayed by so many Americans.

   The term “Black Friday” started prominently in 1961, and describes companies going from the red (in their books) to the black (profit). The modern phenomenon which defines Black Friday now, has been around since about 2005.

   The amount spent on Black Friday in 2012 was over 11 billion dollars.

   Only 57% of those who shopped said it was a fun experience. Seeing the pictures and hearing the stories of madness and violence pervading the news on Black Friday, one can understand why so many find it “not fun.”

   On it reports since 2006, the amount of people who have been killed because of BF are: 4, and the amount of people injured have been: 64. It's a telling fact this website even exists.

   Americans who have some dignity look upon this day with shame. The scenes we glimpse in the newspapers, websites, and television -- are disturbing to us. They make us wonder, what is going on in these peoples minds? What makes them go to such lengths for material items, which they could get another time? There are riots, stampedes, fights, yelling, spitting, gouging, and cursing -- and for what?

   There are scenes which resemble Black Friday throughout the year. When, for example, a new iPhone comes out, or some new Air Jordan shoes. Usually stuff gets broken, police are called, arrests are made, and news reporters are there covering this puzzling madness. What's most disturbing is so many people are involved. There are mothers, fathers, older people, teenagers, blacks, whites, Asians, Indians, whatever and whoever there -- to be part of this shameful scene. I would contend the only people exclusively not there, are born again Christians.

   See Christians know you can't serve two Gods, you can't serve God and mammon (money). And really that's what Black Friday is all about, money. As a believer in free market capitalism (which we barely have anymore in America), I'm for the idea of supply and demand. I like the idea of companies making a profit, but not at the expense of our morality.

   Let's consider how we look in the world's eyes, where thousands of people die everyday because of starvation and bad water. Have we no shame? The fact is, many Americans don't. This is apparent when this many people are engaging in Black Friday like mindless zombie drones. The whole scene depicts a bunch of tools being manipulated by the evil powers to be.

   Some may argue, companies need to have big profit during Christmas season in order to make a profit for the year. This is true, but why is it true? Isn't it because the government's trade policies and regulations? Isn't it because of legislation made by globalist (like CFR scum) which are trying to ruin America, because of the threat a free people have towards global domination? I bet these elitist who have set the stage for this type of hyped-up madness, are laughing at us tools down here scrambling like idiots for some dumb material item.

    I don't know about you, but I refuse to be a tool-fool for those who want to destroy us. I refuse to be part of the games they set before us to play, which will strip us of our dignity, so they can sit back and laugh. I refuse to be manipulated like a puppet on a string, to further erode the perception of America by those around the world. If you want to sing and dance for the evil masters, then go ahead and join the raging idiotic scene. As for those who have some dignity, stay away from Black Friday, and tell the globalist, you're the fools, not I. That's the lowdown truth for today, you'd be well advised to listen, God bless.

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