Thursday, December 12, 2013

In Cologne, Muslims Attack Peaceful Protests Against Christian Persecution

   In Cologne, Germany on December 3 a protest was organized by a non-party, independent alliance against persecution of Christians. Angry Muslims attacked the protesters and disrupted the event while the police sat idly by doing nothing.

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   Reported by from PI news on December 4th, the story was told by Sebastian Nobile; a participant and speaker in the protest. The protest was held next to the beautiful cathedral of Cologne.

   Distinguished speakers of the event included Michael Mannheimer and councilor of the City of Cologne Jorg Uckermann. Fifty or so supporters came out to protest against Christian persecution throughout the world with signs. Yet a crowd of angry Muslims also came to suppress the event with hatred and lewdness, having no respect for Christians or freedom.

   Sebastian Nobile gives us a glimpse, “We have mentioned facts revealed uncomfortable truths and we have brought on of the main reasons for the persecution of Christians in this world on the agenda: life and teachings of the so-called prophet Mohammad and the imitation of thousands of his followers that take the calls for prosecution of the 'infidels' literally. Of course we here also mentioned the persecution in communist countries...”

   The Muslims even went as far as to attack a 72 year old woman while a police woman watching sat idly by doing nothing. Eggs were thrown, swinging of fists, and lewd comments and threats abounded for a half an hour while the police did nothing. The only time the police did anything was when Sebastian Nobile finally tackled one of the out of control Muslim fanatics because the Muslim ripped away his mic and threw it on the ground. Then the police came to press charges against Sebastian and pull him away.

   This is a disgraceful scene which is getting more and more common in Europe and America, where Christians are allowed to be beaten and disrupted while Muslims are allowed special freedom and protection. The only thing to conclude is we are under Muslim control in our leadership, at the least we are under leadership which hates Christians – both are likely true.

   Muslims are proving these peaceful protesters correct, showing what they are protesting is actually happening – by persecuting them for even protesting. One thing we can assume from the official reactions to these types of events are if a Muslim protest was being disturbed by Christians, the Christians would be arrested before they got even a half mile from the protest. Likely resulting in hate crime punishment and long prison sentences. Yet Muslims can beat-up old women, threaten peaceful protesters, throw objects and make demeaning lewd remarks – and their victims are the ones that are arrested and threatened by the police!

   This reminds me of Michelle Obama getting mad because of people portraying her as mad – kinda proves the whole argument doesn't it. Seems the mentality of these Muslims and the Obamas have a lot in common. Have you ever heard our “Christian” president speak out against Christian persecution?

   Alright, so you hate fundamental Christians who follow the Holy Bible too – just admit it, and stop being a fake. If you want to cater to the Muslims and be under Sharia law, your punishment will be exactly that. Being under such a hateful religious system is punishment enough. I feel sorry for these insecure hateful Muslims who can't even allow a peaceful protest for the persecution of Christians to occur. And as for the people who sit idly by watching your countries being taken over by these violent hateful people – your just cowards.

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