Wednesday, December 25, 2013

A Look at The New DARPA Spy Drone (Video)

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   On PBS's Nova program the public gets it's first look at a new spy drone, which has the world's highest resolution camera. With 1.8 billion pixels, the drone has 100 times the capabilities of a predator drone in a medium sized city, according to PBS.

   The project, funded by DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Project Agency) has created ARGUS with engineer Yiannis Antoniades as the designer. Yiannis states, “ It is important for the people to know that some of these capabilities exist.”

   Whether the spy drone is in the field or not, is classified still.

   In the video Yiannis shows the footage of one of the pictures depicting 15 square miles of footage. He showed how he could touch part of the screen, and then see a close up of the streets in that city area. All moving objects were placed in a moving square, even a bird flying by.

   The spy drone can store up to 5,000 hours of footage every day. 65 windows can be opened at once to view the area on a screen, and objects as small as 6 inches can be automatically detected. 

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