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Northwest Christian University in Eugene, Oregon Has an Atheist Student President

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   In Eugene, Oregon (known for its liberal ideals), an atheist student body president for a Christian University says he doesn't believe in God. As he stated on October 30th in his guest column: 'Lifting the Curtain,' in the University's online newspaper: The Beacon Bolt. Eric Fromm has been a student at Northwest Christian University since 2010, all the while not even believing in God.

   Eric states in his column, “...I came to NCU not because of its religious affiliations, but because it had a solid communications program.” Eric was baptized Lutheran, and raised Methodist, but never did believe in God. His first year he didn't tell anyone, then his sophomore year he started to share his secret to others, finding mixed results. Now as the student body president after a few years he states, “...I'm writing this because I want to take my peers to task on their inability to accept those who don't fit their Christian pattern.”

   You might think this would be a detrimental blow to the validity of NCU being a real Christian learning ground. But Micheal Fuller, the vice president of communications for enrollment, stated in an Registered Guard article: 'Out as Atheist' by Kelsey Thalhofer, “He's a man of very high character and respect...He's a great advocate for our student body, which is exactly what he is supposed to be and do. I want students like Eric here...students who are looking to explore their faith and willing to look hard and make their faith their own.” Yet he did also say, “If we all had our wishes, we wish Eric would be a strong Christian man. But at the same time we're an open and welcome community, and we meet students exactly where they are at.”Not exactly concerned about the matter, I'd say.

   What exactly does this show about the state of NCU? If there is a student that doesn't even believe in God (much less the Holy Bible) and can comfortably attend there for years and even attend chapel weekly. Eric attended chapel every week, when only half the time was required. Also we have to look at what this means about the students; who look up to him and vote him to be their student body president. One may ask, do they really care about Jesus Christ?

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   Although this isn't surprising for Eugene, it's a symptom of a culture where God is dying out, yet I ask ...replaced with what? Eric told the Registered Guard in 'Out as Atheist', “ I'm to young to really know what's going to happen after death. What I really want to focus on is what I'm doing here, and what it's going to change.” A Christian may say, isn't that the point of being a Christian.

   The students mostly accepted him with warmth, understanding, hugs, and some even confessed similar beliefs. Likely some didn't approve, but were they really allowed to say anything without being judged harshly themselves? Has the political correctness gone as far as to suppress the criticism of an atheist as the student body president of a Christian University? 

   Although it's best to be honest, one may wonder why Christians have to be tolerant, but others can condemn them for their Christianity? I think Eric Fromm is an honest guy, but the acceptance of this by the school, students, and city, is an indicator of the Godlessness taking over this country.

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