Saturday, December 28, 2013

Obama Charged as Terrorist

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   In Egypt, the newspaper El Watan is reporting prominent lawyers have filed criminal terrorism charges against President Obama. The accusation includes his supporting the Muslim Brotherhood's acts of violence towards the Egyptian people. Criminal charges have been filed at the International Criminal Courts in The Hague. This, on top of the previous charges against his half brother Malik Obama, who is charged with the managing of funds for an terrorist organization, based in neighboring Sudan.

   President Obama is charged for crimes against humanity, for his support of the armed elements of the Muslim Brotherhood. The charge is that Obama coordinated, incited, and assisted the armed elements of the Muslim Brotherhood as they persecuted the citizens of Egypt.

   The persecution was against the countries minority population; the Christian Copts. This from the period from March 7 through August 8. This persecution included torching, destroying, and plundering some 85 Christian Churches during this time.

   The cited accusations against the Muslim Brotherhood include: the murder of a 10-year old girl who was shot walking from Bible class, for the murder of a Coptic Priest who was shot in front of a church- then beheaded and mutilated in Sinai, and the murder of two girls (ages 8 and 12), who were shot multiple times as they were attending a Christina wedding.

   Also alleged is the Muslim Brotherhood was extorting the Copts to pay tribute money to the Islamic overlords. Those who didn't pay were attacked, and their wives and children kidnapped and beaten.

   Ex- president of Egypt, Mohamed Morsi, is set to face charges in January for crimes of supporting violence against the Egyptian people. A military coup d' e'tat removed Morsi from the presidency July 3, 2013.

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