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The "Gay" ENDA Bill

   ENDA (Employment Non-Discrimination Act) has passed the Senate early last month on November 7, 2013. The Senate passed it with the help of ten republicans, with a 64-32 vote. ENDA has been introduced to every congress since 1994 (except one), never to pass into law. Similar bills have been introduced since 1974, again with no passage. So what is this bill, and why has it had such a hard time being passed?

    On, Matt Barber writes and article called: 'Gays' Admit ENDA Game: Outlaw Christian Morality. He goes on to write a brilliant article exposing the true intent of this proposed law. Like for instance, Obama's appointed commissioner to The U.S. Equal Opportunity Commission, Ms. Chai Feldblum, who said, “Gays win, Christians lose.” This in response to a question about the freedom for Christians to uphold their beliefs. See, ENDA will make sure Christians can't hold their beliefs, and still have a business. By the way, Ms. Feldblum is a lesbian activist if you didn't already guess.

    ENDA, in objective vernacular, is here to create federal work place protections for gays and transgender people by banning employers from making hiring and firing decisions on the basis of sexual orientation.

    Even George Bush who likes to hang out with the boys at Skull and Bones, and Bohemian Grove, rejected this bill, saying, “ENDA is inconsistent with the right to the free exercise of religion as codified by Congress in the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA).” Isn't this surprising, I thought he was a bad President, but at least he was an American citizen.

    Matt Barber also points out Michelangelo Signorile, a homosexual radio personality, for saying his two cents when talking about the legislation drafts, “none should include any religious exemptions.” That would mean churches, religious schools, mosques, synagogues, Bible bookstores, where 15 or more employees work.

    Why are these homosexuals so discriminatory against Christians? Is it because it says in the Bible homosexuality is a sin? Christians have a right to believe in the Bible don't they? It would be discriminatory otherwise, is Ms. Feldblum going to make sure Christians aren't discriminated against too? She is an employee of all the American people, right? Somehow I don't trust she would be fair, maybe it's the things she says.

    Fortunately, the government is still somewhat functioning, and The Speaker of The House is not allowing a vote on the bill for now. You know, Rep. John Boehner (R-Ohio). Even a man with as little of a backbone as Boehner, is holding the line on this one. Cause he knows it's a disaster for small businesses, and Christians especially. I have to give him credit on this one, good job Mr. Boehner. Honestly I think Boehner would of held the line over the years on many things, but he'd have to be willing to loose his life like Kennedy. That's why I would suggest not to get into politics, if your not willing to die for your beliefs, or if you don't want to sell out to the dark one.

    Of course the LGBT community is frustrated, and wants their gay dictator, Obama, to beat the bad man up. We can see pathetic pleas from people like Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass), as she writes an article (on Nov. 21) for The Bay Windows, called: America is Ready for ENDA to Become Law. The Bay Windows is serving the LGBT community of New England by the way. Elizabeth's smiling vacant stare in the article's picture is looking cross-eyed with mind-control, into the twisted hearts of the perverse populace, trying to pathetically convey the urgency of this wonderful bill. I feel bad for whoever she is fooling.

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    Besides silly people like Warren, Harry Reid, Obama, Pelosi, and other half gay sociopaths, the only people who want this bill is the minority of LGBT people (likely not even many of them), Satanist, child molesters, peeping toms, rapist, new wold order communist, fraternal secret societies, puppet media, and dim witted liberals who are brainwashed into believing: good is bad, and bad is good. Basically those who are actively plotting to destroy this country, and those who are the useful tools in unwittingly helping them.

    As for me, I side with Mr. John Boehner, who has taken the advice of the Heritage Foundation which conclusively demonstrated the threat ENDA poses to the First Amendment freedoms. The conservative think tank helped John make his decision.

    Before you go, let me clarify this matter. Anyone can see nature proves a man is made to be with a woman, and visa versa. Conversely, anyone can see a man and a man aren't made, by nature, to be together, same goes for woman and woman. Thought I'd let you know, because there seems to be some confusion. Now if you decide differently, go ahead and do your thing, it's your life. But leave me and other Christians alone if we don't agree. We are entitled to our opinions too. And as of now, there is still the right to speak my opinion, so I am.

    What kind of strange ideas do these LGBT activists get into their heads, thinking they can make it mandatory for all people to agree with their way of life? They want to go against nature itself, embarrass and shame themselves, and want everyone to applaud and say, “way to go”? What kind of strange people are these, that are so insecure they can't confront a differing opinion without threats of lawsuits and legislation? How pathetic are these LGBT activist, who spend every waking moment trying to wipe Christianity off the face of the earth? How lame it is, to live your life solely to suppress others, claiming you're doing it for the liberation of people who are downtrodden and in need.

    Extremely pathetic, cowardly people are those trying to shove this down the American people's throats. Truth is the LGBT community is only 2-3% of the population, it just happens the ruling elite are part of this percent. Every wonder why a child molester like Alfred Kinsey is lauded like some hero? The man was a vile beast, and those who support such legislation to take our freedoms- aren't much better. That's the lowdown for today, you'd be well advised to listen, God bless.

WND Article about ENDA

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