Monday, December 9, 2013

The Occult Cultural Ritual Called College

   Over twenty-one million students were estimated to have been in attendance at American colleges and universities this Fall. The majority of them are females, with 12.5 million, males being 9.3 million. This means in reality, millions of young people are being indoctrinated into the cultural occult ritual, known commonly as “higher education.”

   Millions of young adults; stupefied by fluoridated water since birth, full of toxins from chemical trails in the sky, and rooted in a wicked and perverse culture- are now in the safe hands of the propagandist. The best of them will drop out and become musicians, the worst of them will study law and work for a bank. There are many variations in-between, but one common theme will pervade the college scene, leaving only a scant chance of escape. This being the occult cultural ritual, indoctrinating them into the mainstream mentality, and alleviating them of all responsibility and accountability as an individual.

   The occult is defined as: “Of or relating to supernatural influences, agencies, or phenomena,” according to The American Heritage Dictionary. In other words, people who believe in Satan and his fallen Angels, worshiping them and inviting demonic forces into their lives. They may think it's light and good, but this is a deception. Anyone can agree, a tree is known by it's fruit. If you can gauge the rottenness of our culture and society, you'll be able to see the fruit coming from colleges and universities is rotten to the core.

   The occult has certain initiations which the subjects will be a part of willingly. They may think it's just cool, or they may have more awareness of the deeper spiritual aspects of the process. Either way this has a profound affect. Simply put, there are three main initiations which have to be embraced in some manner in order to fit in, and be successful in this mainstream witchcraft culture.

   The first is: homosexuality, fornication, orgies, and sexual decadence. The college atmosphere is well known now, not for it's higher learning, but for it's parties and sexual “freedoms.” Where millions of near children, are engaging in these forms of perverse behaviors. The results are abortions, sexually transmitted diseases, broken hearts, rape, loss of dignity, suicide, confusion, and many more ailments that last the rest of their lives.
   The second is: drugs and alcohol, the college student has to begin their initiations with drugs and alcohol. Drugs and alcohol allow them to change their state of mind, and seemingly become someone else. This leaves them unaccountable for their heinous actions, and ultimately leaves them confused. Many young adults being pressured to do drugs and alcohol end up dead, raped, addicted, bi-polar, and worse. The illusion of a fun, party-time facade, is in actuality a horrid place of wickedness and disappointment. Leaving these young people emotionally and physically scarred for the rest of their lives.
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   The third is: they can't believe in Jesus Christ and The Holy Bible. This may be the most controversial aspect (for skeptics) of the process these college student go through, as they attend these propaganda centers. Nevertheless, this is integral to setting the stage for the darkness to prevail. Only the true born again Christian believer in Jesus Christ knows how to discern from what is good and what is bad. Only the Christian who has not compromised to the world will be a threat to the onslaught of wickedness, pervading our modern American colleges and universities. College is like a poison to Christianity, and nearly all students who attend renounce their faith in Jesus Christ. And if they still remain a Christian, it's in name only. Go to your average college and meet the professors. You may find one true born-again, blood bought Christian for every 5,000 you meet. Academia has been taken over by occult communists.

   In my life, I have extensive inside experience in what I'm saying. I was a night-time taxi driver in a huge college town, the University of Oregon. I drove a cab at night for three years in Eugene, and mostly I drove around the college children. I even feel bad to call them children, because children are wiser and better behaved. These students are mostly worthless, vile, ignorant, and arrogant people who are said to be the cream of the crop. If that's true, we are really in trouble.

   I can't even describe the moronic idiocy I encountered time after time, with scant relief of a normal sincere student. The odds of finding a student who wasn't compromised into the occult, was about one in 500. These students are like a disease, manifesting the cultural mindset into actuality. The living embodiment of the communist ideals which led two of Karl Marx's children to commit suicide. The mindless disregard for all issues besides selfish pleasures, dominates the demented thoughts of the perverse pupils of darkness. All the while, they are mostly clueless to the path they are so haphazardly following.

   To look at these students, most would see a well dressed, fairly intelligent person. This is the deception they are learning to portray. See, they aren't learning to be good people, rather wicked. And wicked people put on a deceiving front, yet inside they are rotten to the core. I was a night time taxi driver, which means I saw them at their worst -- when their rotten side was out. What I saw wasn't a good heart being a bit wild, but evil hearts looking to pervert and destroy.

   College is a waste of time. In fact, it will damage your children forever. Graduates who make it through the slut fest, the drug frenzy, the Jesus hating -- they are in disrepair when they seek to settle down, get married, and have kids. Honestly, who wants to marry a woman or a man who has slept with so many partners, been in orgies, and/or been a homosexual? Honestly, do you think this is conductive to having a family after the “fun” is over?

   In actuality, the occult cultural initiation, in which our 21.8 million students have gone through this Fall semester, is going to lead them to a life on anti-depressants, soul searching, guilty consciences, and regret. No matter the financial success these college graduates may find, they will be empty inside, hollow of meaning, and haunted by a loneliness only such perversions bring.

   If you love your child don't send them to college. There are trade schools and better options. Don't buy into the propaganda from the occult communists who run our public schools, and end up sending your beloved child into the bowels of hell. That's the lowdown truth for today, you'd be well advised to listen, God bless.


  1. well, I don't know if i would have used the same words you used, but, the truth remains. and your evaluation of what's going on in colleges is the plain truth. the only thing i am not so sure about is how many of marx's kids committed suicide. my count was two. I assume you believe a religious education , in bible colleges, is preferable to public colleges? you have made some very powerful and true statements here. too bad few listen.

  2. Yeah, your right two died of suicide and three or four died in childhood because of neglect and poverty cause their father was lazy and dirty. His wife had a son that wasn't his, and this is the only kid that lived a life past his early adult hood. This guy was a cursed satanist.
    I would add Rafyel, that I believe seminaries have been infiltrated by Jesuits almost fully since the 60's. I wouldn't recommend Bible colleges, or Christian Universities either, as they have been corrupted with New Age Bible Versions like the NIV, NKJV, RSV, and even the Message Bible...
    I would only recommend trade schools to younger people. I wouldn't even recommend the military unfortunately because of the homosexuals that are taking over there. Christians aren't welcome anymore in any of these places.
    Thanks for commenting and reading the article. God bless.

  3. Great summary. I would have to agree. When I was 18 I left home for college and within 6 months I was a drunkard. Also, I somehow got into a New Age belief system through measuring all that I could see in the world with what my concoction of God. I decided to mostly ignore that there was a god at all, but something in me always was pulling me towards really wanting to know the truth. I only was caught for DUI one time. I was a menace to society because of college. I should have died while in college with the behavior I practiced. I learned nothing good in college, but somehow I graduated with around a 3.0 GPA and was able to get a job after five years to get a four year degree. I already believed in the theory of evolution before I went to college, but after leaving I was certain that people that believe in Creationism were just closed minded religiously brainwashed and ignorant. How ironic that it was my ignorance that blinded my vision from the truth in Jesus.

    Ephesians 4:17-19 KJV
    This I say therefore, and testify in the Lord, that ye henceforth walk not as other Gentiles walk, in the vanity of their mind,
    Having the understanding darkened, being alienated from the life of God through the ignorance that is in them, because of the blindness of their heart:
    Who being past feeling have given themselves over unto lasciviousness, to work all uncleanness with greediness.

    I am encouraging my daughter to go to a trade school instead of going off to college to be subjected to all that brainwashing and evil. College was depressing for me when I look back on it. I only could escape the unhappiness by drinking. After I became born again a few years ago I lost the desire to drink. In fact I can drink a glass of wine or beer socially, but I don't even care to do that most of the time. Jesus saved me from that and the funny thing about it is that I wasn't even seeing that it was that big a problem when I became saved. It was what I think the work of the Holy Spirit within me did. It is really hard to explain, but there is another guy at work that has the same kind of experience as mine.

    1. Right on comment Michael, thanks for sharing. I'm glad to hear your were able to come to Jesus through it all. The same is true with me. The money I now owe is a reminder of the ignorant secular humanist God saved me from being in the new world order propaganda centers called college - of course the worst of which is the Jesuit colleges, which of course is where the main players in government come from.
      Great scripture and Bible as well, God bless and I pray your daughter decides on a trade school for sure.


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