Thursday, December 12, 2013

U.S. Jihadist in Syria Threatens All Infidels With Death (Video)

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   American Abu-Dj'ana makes a video proclaiming the goals of the Jihadist in Syria and the world. While holding a Kalashnikov assault rifle and bayonet, the cloaked rebel threatens all infidels with death.

   The report from on November 26, is drawing attention to the problem of the influx of foreign born fighters coming to Syria to fight in the civil war. The influx of
fighters from Europe and North America has Israel and Western countries worried about the trend. As they are joining Al-Qaeda, ISIS and the Nusra Front.
   The bloody civil war has been on-going since 2011, and has killed 11,000 children alone. Abu-Dj'ana says these rebel fighters are there to protect Syria.

   Specifically Abu says, “This is a message to people in the West from the Mujaheddin in Syria. We came here from different countries to protect this land, this Islamic land; to spread the Law of Allah on earth; and to dedicate our lives for Jihad in order so that we can get to heaven.”

   This doesn't sound good for the countries estimated 2.2 million Christians, of whom already many have been killed and displaced by the on-going Christian persecution from Jihadist Muslims.

   Abu continues, “We are coming to kill all the infidels in the West and beyond to spread Allah's law (Sharia) and the book of Allah ( Koran) and to raise them to the highest level.”
   Abu threatens,“We came to kill anyone that stands in our way. The flag that says that 'there is no God but Allah' will be raised over parliament Buildings and Capitol cities around the world...with these simple weapons we will liberate this country and people and bring Islamic law to control all the world- Europe, U.S., Australia, New Zealand, Asia, and Africa.”

   Abu would likely be supportive of the slaying of Lee Rigby, which happened recently in England. Where Lee was run down by a car being driven by a couple Muslim men, then they dragged him into the middle of the street, beat and stabbed him to death with a meat cleaver and knives. Then they tried to decapitate him, all of this being caught on camera. Lee was a soldier walking across the street in plain clothes unarmed. The motive was simply hatred for all infidels.

   This sickening video and the cowardly acts these Jihadist, should be very alarming to all people around the world. The fact this man is an American citizen makes me ashamed, and I wonder about all the other Muslim people we have given an open door to come into our beloved country since 9/11. Are we really that ignorant to think that Islam is a peaceful religion when this is the fruits of their beliefs? It would be one thing if this man was an isolated case, in which he was misunderstanding the Koran, but in reality he is just following what the book says in clear terms.

   In Eugene, Oregon I have witnessed a radical increase of Muslim students showing up every year for the past five years. They are generally rude, and look down upon Americans. I feel ashamed at my country as it portrays such wickedness for these foreigners to see, validating their hatred for us as infidels. I wonder what they are really doing here, and why they keep increasing in numbers? If it's happening here in Eugene, Oregon- it's happening all over the country.

   This man is just a warning sign that will likely fade away from our memories, yet in Syria people like him will be on terror sprees, killing and maiming Christians and all who oppose them. One day, these type of people may not have to travel so far to create such mayhem, they'll just do it here in our back yard!

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