Monday, December 16, 2013

America's First Muslim President

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   Barack Huesian Obama is the 44th President of the United States of America, yet he isn't even an American citizen. In fact, this isn't really even his name. Now why would he change his name? And how on earth could he become President without being a citizen?

   In actuality, even if he were a citizen, his father wasn't a citizen. Right there, this excludes him from being a President, according to the rules. This fella doesn't go by the rules though, if you haven't noticed. Of course, he is just a puppet, so let's not think he is the sole source of such deception. He is actually a victim, groomed up to be the vile character he is. One thing is for sure, he is the best liar we've had in office likely ever- and that's saying something.

   Just go to Kenya and ask around. Ask his family members there. Watch the movie '2016: Obama's America', by Dinesh D'souza, and get some insight into it. Maybe you don't want to know the truth? The German people didn't want to know the truth about Hitler, mostly cause he'd persecute them if they criticized him. In actuality, this is the mark of all cult leaders. So he was born in Kenya, what does this mean?

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   It gets worse, any layman can put the puzzle pieces together. When he ran for President of the U.S. in 2008, I actually voted for him. Boy, was I deceived! Of course, I can admit my mistakes. See, I didn't follow the election hardly at all, I was young and full of the cultural propaganda. I've come along ways since then. He did say he didn't believe in homosexual marriage, and he was a Christian, so I voted for him to escape the dreaded McCain. Really I was just relieved Hilary wasn't the Democatric nominee, but I couldn't stand George Bush.

   I have to admit, it was easier to fit in back then when I was ignorant of what was really going on in the world. When I believed the main stream media, and government leaders. Yet I wouldn't want to go back to this state of ignorance, because, it's downright embarrassing to be so dim witted.

   Sheriff Joe Arpaio in Arizona conducted an investigation, concluding the documents Obama used to prove his citizenship were false. You should look into that, if you want to know the truth. Of course, you could simply say he is just crazy and racist -- that would be easier. I mean you might not be ready to grow up and stop playing patty cake with your fellow ignorant liberal comrades, I understand.

   Barack Obama, or Barry Soetoro, is a reprehensible character, vile, wicked, deceptive, and a hypocrite as well. In actuality, he has no redeeming qualities at all. I guess considering the celebrities America lauds as icons, he fits right in. I mean the fact this fella is even in office, is just a symptom of the failure of the people to successfully combat the forces of darkness, which have pervaded this land in force every since the 60's. Any sane person can look around, and conclude this “do as thou wilt” thing isn't working out so well.

   There is more though, I do hope you stick around for just a bit. The plot thickens, as maybe you already know. This will just give you a chance to refute (in your mind) these talking points, these conservative keep bringing up. With enough practice you may even truly believe your lies.

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   Barry Obama is also a homosexual, just read Larry Sinclair's book: 'Barack Obama and Larry Sinclair: Cocaine, Sex, Lies, and Murder.' You can get it on Amazon by the way. That sounds interesting doesn't it? Of course, it would be easier to just brush Larry off, and say he's just crazy- like Joe Arpaio. The easy road is there for you, but don't tell people you care about the truth. OK, so he's a homosexual along with Rob Emanuel at Chicago gay bath houses, so what? Well, that's his choice, but why lie about it? Is he ashamed? And if yes, then why? Does he think it's wrong?

   Barry Obama is also a Muslim, did you know that too? Have you listened to how the guy talks about the Holy Bible? I'll put a video up for clarification. Yet the fella praises the Koran, and he was even raised in Indonesia, where he studied the Koran. That's why you can't get a record of his passport. Is the puzzle beginning to come together? This is why he is best buddies with the Muslim Brotherhood, and why he has Muslim advisers, and has appointed more Muslims in government offices than all the rest of the Presidents combined. Too bad, the American people wouldn't let him build a mosque on ground zero, those pesky Americans.

   Barack Soetoro wasn't voted in either. What! Yeah, the elections were rigged, voter fraud has picked the Dictators for a long time now. See if voting actually worked Ross Perot would have been President, and Ron Paul would be our current President. Wouldn't that be nice? We could finally get rid of all these communist infiltrators, which Senator Joseph McCarthy pointed out before he was snuffed out figure it out. Even Romney, the Mormon crackpot won the election over Obama. The evidence is there. It's just, the lame stream media are working for the same communist, which Obama is working for. Getting the picture now?

   Maybe you've heard all this before? If so, maybe you need to hear it again. I'm not going to give up on you Obama supporters. I once was lost and now am found, voting for Obama and now I see. You too, can break free from his spell and find the truth. Honestly, it's better to not be a sucker. That's the lowdown truth today, you'd be well advised to listen, God Bless.


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