Saturday, December 14, 2013

Women Don't Belong in Combat Roles

   January 24, 2013, Secretary of State Leon Panetta lifted the ban of women serving in combat roles in the military. This included the Marine infantry, and special-operations units like the Army Rangers and Navy Seals.

   America became one of the few countries in the world to allow women access to all roles in the military. Other countries that allow this are: Canada (1989), Israel (92% of roles allowed), and New Zealand (no women are in their special-operations groups).

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   The Rangers and Seals are set to integrate women into these roles by 2016, the Marine infantry has already been trying to integrate women. In the Marine infantry 10 women have volunteered, only one completing the combat endurance test, but even she was released a week later due to other training injuries. This information is on

   Why did the government allow this unnatural scenario to be the law of the land. Politicians and radical feminists pressured the Pentagon to change it's policy for reasons of diversity. All this does is weaken our military, prioritizing diversity over readiness.

   There is no valid argument to consider for allowing women to serve in combat roles. There is no need for women to be there. Women are weaker physically, mentally, and cause distractions within a unit. This is why, the every day military man thinks this is ludicrous. Why is our nation bent on making women into men, and men into women?

   This policy is a symptom of a matriarchal society being perverted from the very nature we are born to inhabit. As hard as someone tries, they cannot change their sex. So why are women becoming masculine, and why are women in positions of authority when it comes to the military? Have these women been in combat? Did they serve in Vietnam on the front lines. And if you say they didn't have a chance, why was that? Wasn't it because men do a better job in combat? Yes, they do, period.

   What gives these female commanders the right to be a commander, except political correctness. They get their job because of politics. They don't deserve their position, they don't deserve respect either. A leader earns respect, not because they out rank someone, but because their actions and deeds earned them respect. This concept is lost on all these politically correct implants. They demand respect, but have earned nothing.
   There are many different reasons why women don't belong in combat units. The roles they can provide assistance in are the ones they have historically inhabited, as nurses, secretaries, administration, cooking and factory work to support the home front. Does that anger you women? Are you saying all the women in WWI and WWII were doing meaningless tasks? No, they were needed and respected in their natural roles. Now though, women are taking the positions of men, not because they deserve it, but because of political correctness. The same political correctness which lets transgenders go into either bathroom in public! Get a grip liberals!

   Women can't do the job as well as men in combat. The only way they will begin to be integrated is for the military to decrease it's standards. Thus weakening the readiness of our military. Fighting is not instinctual in women, yet it has been ingrained into men for thousands of years. Are women supposed to instinctively catch up, when they are thousands of years behind (physically and mentally)? Not happening, anyone being honest here would agree.

   The truth is hard to hear, especially for the liberal ears out there. I'm sure your irate at the audacity of a man expressing this sentiment. I'm not saying anything radical though, it's actually common sense in a land where common sense has been thrown out the window. The truth is even worse in actuality, let me explain.
See, the whole purpose of Obama, Penetta, and others lifting this ban, is to weaken our military. That's right, they're purposely weakening America, so we can be defeated easier. That is why also, Obama wants to decrease our nuclear warheads to 300.

   Women are out of control in this country, and men are being feminized into fools. There is no reason women should be on our front lines, it is a shame to the men in this country for this to happen. Also, it's a security risk, because we as a nation are weaker with women in politically correct positions (high and low). Those who disagree with Obama in the military are being purged out, and moral is low in the military because traitors are in leadership. That's the lowdown truth today, and you'd be well advised to listen, God Bless.

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