Saturday, January 11, 2014

Atheism, The Bad Word

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    Just the word Atheism has turned into a word akin to death to me. When I hear someone say they are an atheist, I think of cold and lifeless death. Also, what comes up is a hopeless and meaningless existence ending in nothing. The word just invokes fatalism and despair in me, and I'm guessing in others. I think this is the whole point in those who say they are atheist, to tell God off, and say I hate you and myself, which you created.

   There is only one truth, and the truth is the Holy Bible, the truth is Jesus Christ dying for the sins of the world. It makes no sense to have a trillion different truths, where everyone is manifesting their realities with their own existentialism. It makes no sense to think we have created ourselves. This is not logical, and neither is thinking there is a nothing. We can all agree there is something, and that this concept of nothing is not real.

   So why do atheist believe we all turn into this false notion of nothing? There is no nothing, how could there be this nothing when there is something. Sometimes we have to just keep it simple. God's creation itself is evidence there is a creator, a God. Science, history, mathematics, geography, sociology, and every other form of thought and subject, prove the Holy Bible is a supernatural book which tells us the truth.

   I know the atheist don't believe this and they hate all people who do. They don't hate me? Oh, could of fooled me, maybe what you mean is they don't hate me unless I mention they're wrong, and the truth is Jesus Christ? They don't hate Jesus Christ, oh could have fooled me. Every atheist I've ever met is rabid about hating Jesus Christ. Of course, they tell me I'm the crazy hate monger who is blinded and narrow-minded, and blah, blah, blah. You know, all the indoctrinated propaganda they've learned from our new age school systems and the communist cultural icons. You know all the lies and hate filled rhetoric they've been fed through every cultural, educational, governmental, and social channel available to the satanist elite who run our country and the world.

   Atheist, they are angry people for sure. They've been wronged by God (they think), they live to prove he doesn't exist, despite all evidence otherwise. They flock to the universities and validate themselves around other godless heathens who hate God too. They've been hurt and will not forgive, they've been wronged and are building an air tight case of defense, so no-one can hurt them again. “What does God care about all the evil in the world?”they shout! “Why would God allow all this evil?” they shout! “Why would God not help me when I'm hurting?” they really mean.

   Evolution is just another lie which even Darwin didn't even believe on his death bed. The whole theory is just a way for the secret societies to justify the hateful way they want to live. The whole so-called science is just a sham to create a breed of atheist like the ones who are now rabidly Jesus-hating with their all. How did it work out for Marx, Lenin, and Nietzsche? They all went insane and died misreable and demon possessed. They all were rotten people full of evil and hate. Well, for the atheist sake, Marx was a Satanist, so did believe in something. I think Lenin was too, but Nietzsche was a true blue atheist, and I think he died the worst of all three of those wicked men.

   Atheist are angry people, because they're constantly trying to prove something that isn't real. They constantly are trying to validate some illusion, so they can feel better about living a life full of sin. They are constantly running from their inner child which is telling them to believe in love and good. They are constantly trying to redefine nature and reality, but are always failing in their attempts. Really, the only joy they have is when they see a Christian fall and loose their faith. They get joy when a person believes in nothing like they do. They love when Jesus is mocked and Christians are persecuted, because they claim Christians have persecuted their kind for centuries without cause.

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   Kinda interesting, but atheist have many of the same characteristics of demons and fallen angels. They are void of love, and only have joy in selfish pleasures including persecuting those who are of the Light, those who believe in God. They have much in common with evil entities because they are possessed by these evil entities. That's why I can say in sincerity, I love the atheist, but I hate the demons inside them which possess them. And that's why I continue to try and reach the atheist, because I see a person trapped by evil spirits and wanting to be free. I see a person who God loves, but has been lost and astray. God loves them enough to have me try and reach them, and enough to have his only begotten son die on a cross at the hands of mockers, so they can be forgiven by believing he died for them. Praise God, for his love towards us, while we were yet sinners.

   Atheism is a bad word to me, it's like a cold wind of death. Yet behind that hate and confusion is a soul God died for and wants to save. This is why I'm writing this, and why I care enough to reach out to you dear blind and foolish atheist people. Wake up and see, you are trapped and need to be set free. Know love, by knowing Jesus Christ, and escape the eternal damnation you are heading toward. I was once blind and now I see, was lost but now I'm found. The amazing grace of Jesus Christ has set me free, and can set you free too.


  1. Amen! Great post - thanks for sharing! I'm stopping by from the google+ Christian Blog Community & I'm now following you on google+.
    Thanks again

  2. Thanks for your comment and reading, I really appreciate your support. This post infuriated a lot of people in some communities, and even got removed for being hateful. It hit a nerve with the godless people, it seems Christians aren't supposed to have an opinion outside there homes anymore, otherwise it's hate speech.

    Anyway thank you and God bless! I'll be following you too if not already.

  3. I don't agree that atheists hate God. It is logically inconsistant for them to hate what they do not believe in. The people who say they are atheistic, but hate God anyway, are hurting and lost souls. They are like hurting children, lashing out at anyone outside themselves for what is wrong in their lives.

    1. Thanks Steven. It is true, you can't hate what you don't believe in. I recommend everyone here look around for a more rounded and less hate-filled description of atheism. It breaks my heart that people can believe things such as those expressed in the post above.

  4. I would conclude they aren't logical Steven, so it is consistent with their own confused mentality. Even if they aren't overtly aware of their anger, it's may be a passive resentment which underlies their conscious, but it's there. Otherwise, they would look at the massive amount of evidence which defeats their foolish notion of: there is no God -- and see they are wrong, and there is a creator.

  5. I enjoyed this post. I've found that you're right. When people are atheists, they will do anything within their power to get you to align with them. I think they want support so that they can feel that they are on the 'right' side. So sad...

    I was watching Kent Hovind(brilliant Creationist, look for his stuff on youtube), and he said that he had a conversation with an atheist that went something like this:
    Atheist: "I don't believe in God. I am like the god of my own universe."
    Kent: "Well son, how do you decide what's right and wrong?"
    Atheist: "Well, I decide what's right and wrong."
    Kent: "Ok, well in 5 minutes, I'm going to shoot you."
    Atheist: "You can't do that!"
    Kent: "Why? I'm the god of my own universe. And, I've decided that it's ok for me to shoot you!"

    Kent then goes on to say that a thinking process like that can get messy really quick. I don't think they realize the stupidity of it.

    Thanks for the post, and God bless.

  6. Good point Hannah, of course this post raised havoc and ridicule from the thinkers community I like to share this kind of post in. They proved my point, but that's lost on them.
    I enjoy Kent Hovind and think he does great work for our Lord Jesus. It's refreshing and encouraging to hear comments from people who see this as well.
    This post was even taken out of the Veterans and Active Duty community for being hateful. The comments were beyond ugly. I don't think it's hateful, but it must have hit a nerve.
    Relative truth is not logical as you and Kent point out, and it's silly that they believe they are superior with this illogical belief. And they are angry almost always, sad to say. God bless you.


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