Sunday, January 19, 2014

False Perceptions of Non-Believers in Jesus Christ

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   In the world today there are many false perceptions of who Jesus really is, and who Christians really are. Critics of Christianity are being misled by the world's wisdom, which is made up of lies and deceit. The evidence for this is in the leaders of the world itself, the cultural and governmental icons who are creating the parameters of so called reality. For those who think for themselves, deciding to not buy into this propaganda from these corrupt leaders, we are counted as enemies, which need to be defeated by any means.

   The irony is, those who think for themselves, outside of the popular mainstream influences of the world, are said to be narrow minded and non-thinking. The same people who accuse the fundamental born-again Christians of this false accusation, are the most conformed and brainwashed non-thinking people there are. It's a brilliant ploy from the devil, to make people think they're individuals, when in fact they're just like the majority of people. And in fact, they're terrified of being any different for fear of having to think for themselves, and be shunned by the false majority.

   I have a testimony that's hard for unbelievers to refute, one where I was once a secular humanist who rejected Jesus and the Holy Bible. When I was 19 years old, I decided to read the Bible for myself and conclude if I really did believe. I read Revelation and concluded it was fantasy, and proceeded to embrace this false reality the world promotes, and sought truth elsewhere. For the next 7 years I searched for truth as a secular humanist. I studied all different religions, and was a spiritual person who thought of himself grandly as a Transcendentalist who was versed in metaphysical existentialism.

   After years of seeking and discontentment, I wound up more confused and in the dark than ever before. I never was much of a drug taker (was a pot head) or party person, instead I worked hard, went to college, and stayed away from trouble. It's not that I liked what I saw in the world, but I was at a loss on how to explain this existence. What has always been my main goal, is to explain what this life is for, to find the truth I knew was there. I only found this when I started reading the Holy Bible again, when I was about 26, and from there I realized this book is from God. What I read described this life perfectly, and the world around me. Jesus is a real person, and God, whose love is so profound the world seemed a dark cold place without Him. Indeed, without Jesus this life and world are dark and cold.

   So it doesn't surprise me non-believers accuse me of being a non-thinker, but the accusation is so far from the truth. In fact, I'm more of a thinker than most people, I've always valued thinking over a social life, friends, family, everything – to pursue the truth. I would guess I'm more of a thinker than 99% of the people in the world. I'm a profound thinker, and have been accused all my life of thinking too much. Just now when I say I believe in Jesus Christ as my savior, non-believers are calling me a non-thinker and a narrow minded moron, or worse.

   I understand, they're scared to really listen to what I'm saying. They have no real answers for our existence, and are continually in confusion and fear. One thing that's for sure, we are all going to die one day. One day, we all will face death, and what comes after. Most people can't comprehend this finality, this end of their life as they know it now. I've heard of many stories of atheist and unbelievers who were terrified to die. Anton LeVay, the Church of Satan leader, was terrified when he was on his death bed, saying he was wrong (watch the video here). He was saying something was terribly wrong! The experience was so frightening, some of the satanist in the room with him, ended up turning to Jesus Christ. There are many stories of atheist dying and going to hell, to then be given another chance and come back to life, to then believe in Jesus. It was always anger and pride blocking their belief in Jesus.

   Most people are brainwashed today into the Satanic elite's world system, of course they don't know it. Atheist and non-believers are simply followers of this hateful anti-Christ spirit, and can't think for themselves. Of course, part of their brainwashing is to think they are free thinking open minded people, but in reality they're just like everyone else, and are validated by the majority. Their false perceptions of Christianity is what they're programmed to believe, and they do. The whole time, they accuse every person who doesn't go along with the world's brainwashing, a narrow minded non-thinker. Really, everything they're accusing us of, is exactly what they are.

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   The narrow minded majority of Godless heathens are taught how to refute the gospel of Jesus Christ throughout their lives. From TV, public education, culture, government, and social pressures. These arguments are based on a false reality, in other words, they are lies which are unfounded in truth. Yet, because the majority believes them, non-believers feel justified to repeat the lies as if they were truth. Just another instance of not having the ability to think for themselves. If any non-believer would simply read the Bible for themselves in an objective way, they would conclude it isn't what the world says it is. It's a wonderful book full of profound truths, and supernaturally predicts major events throughout history hundred of years before they happen, like Jesus himself dying on a cross for our sins.

   And if an unbeliever would allow themselves to think for themselves, instead of stubbornly refusing to look at the evidence, they would find testimonies that would prove the Bible is true over and over. Testimonies of people being raised from the dead, of healings, of afterlife experiences where people died and came back to life, to talk of heaven or hell. To simply call all the millions of testimonies about the supernatural reality of Jesus Christ being God lies, is plain willful ignorance and non-thinking.

   To conclude, I want to encourage the non-believer to have some integrity and think for themselves. Before you accuse me of being a non-thinker, look at yourself and see if you've ever really thought for yourself about Jesus Christ. I found Jesus Christ by reading the Bible by myself, after reading many other books which only had half truths. There is something about the Bible which touches the spirit of man, not just the intellect. There is something it teaches about the reality of this world, and how evil it is. The contrast between Jesus Christ and this world, is one of light and darkness, one of good and evil. Myself, I want love and light, not evil and darkness. Believing in Jesus Christ in sincerity makes me a thinker, it makes me different than 99% of people around me. Why else would I choose such a lonely hard path, if it wasn't true?     


  1. Great post, we as Christians are the nonconformists but the non believers think theyare not conformed to the craziness of this world when in fact they seek validation from the majority.

  2. Exactly, thank you for commenting Modupe. You understand and I really appreciate your understanding, as it means you have the Spirit of Truth, Jesus, God in you.
    The contradiction and illogical facts of the condition of the non-believers is lost to them, so I thought I'd help them out. Course they hate me for it, but maybe it helped someone. God bless.

  3. What breaks my heart, what drives me to tears is the ones of us that follow a corrupt bible and follow a preacher instead of JESUS. Woe to those that lead his people astray. Thank You for your hard work on this post....

  4. I know what you mean truegrite the false Bibles have done some damage, they only gained popularity after abortion was legalized too. I read the Authorized Version of 1611 the King James Version, where forever oh Lord thy Word is settled in Heaven. That is where the power is. Gail Riplinger helped me figure this out. God bless, thanks for reading and commenting.


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