Monday, January 6, 2014

The Remnant of Jesus Christ Fights On

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   As darkness grows in the land, and people are becoming colder inside, the divide between those who believe in the Holy Bible and those who don't, is increasing. Many people even say they believe in the Bible, but they don't, because what they believe isn't in the Bible. All the while they manipulate and twist the scriptures, to accuse and thwart real believers and the truth they are trying to share.

   Thank God I have a place to share, where I can be myself. This is my commentary on the troubles the remnant of believers in Jesus Christ are up against. There's a pressure against the truth like never before. The deception is taking many victims as we speak. The illusion this world is producing is so real and life like, those who believe in it's falseness are dangerously cold to those who say it's false.

   There is only a remnant of believers left, and they are spread abroad the country and world. America is getting worked over like no other country is, and the believer finds themselves alone or isolated, surrounded by mindless hedonist who are brainwashed to hate them. Every time a believer speaks out against what is obviously wrong, they're buffeted and maligned. This country is full of demonically possessed people.

   I'm not the type to play a fool, this life is serious to me. This isn't a time to celebrate, but to mourn. Their isn't much to celebrate anymore, almost all the news is bad. And for pointing this out, I am blamed for it being bad. All I do is state the obvious, and somehow I'm wrong for doing it. We are being bullied into speaking lies. We are being pressured to admitting we are the ones who are insane. The enemies of life itself, want the remnant of Christians to admit we are hate-filled bigots who want the worst for everyone and wish everyone who didn't think like us would die an eternal death. That's what they get out of the Bible.

   Honestly, I can't stand this country and most of the people in it anymore. I'm more than ashamed to live around such wicked people. See, I understand people are demon possessed, and it's the demons I hate, not the people. I care about the people, I want to help them get free and know Jesus Christ. This is why I delve into the hard topics and point out the truth to those I know will hate me for it. Then I try to keep my cool as they turn everything upside down and manipulate every single word I and the Bible say. I do all this because I care, I have to try.

   Oh Jesus, help us, you know what it's like. They treated Jesus worse, of course, he knows what it's like to have everyone twist everything he said. It was the religious folks who hated him, and it's still the religious folks who hate him. That's the hardest part, it's those who call themselves Christians who are the ones who are trying to bring down the remnant the most. The remnant of believers shed light upon their hypocrisy, and they want to snuff it out before they're exposed.

   I'm not sure how well this came out, but I wanted to write it to help encourage others who are part of the remnant of believers. I'm not the only one waging a battle larger than I can handle, we all are waging a momentous battle with faith in Jesus to come for the victory! We fight on the best we can, with our weaknesses, with our troubles, with our fears and struggles, we stand in faith no matter what. Nothing will separate us from the love of Jesus Christ, nothing.


  1. Thank you brother Lowdown. We're all in this battle together!! Much love to you.

  2. Thanks for reading and coming by sister Fawn, God bless and give us all favor in these end days.


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