Thursday, January 30, 2014

The Stark Reality of America

   Henry Gruver, the prayer walker and man of God spoke last year about the sheep being separated from the goats. As the time gets late in these end of end days, his words are coming true. The division between born-again believers in Jesus Christ and non-believers is growing wider and deeper than ever, on the largest scale ever. There are those who know the truth, and see through the illusion the New World Order is presenting, and those who don't. Some of those who see through the illusion aren't Christians, but are being called out to be. And some of those who say they are Christians don't see through the illusion, and will likely fall away.

   The start reality is that most people don't want the truth, they embrace the lie of Satan. They serve their own desires and have no love of the truth. We know this is why they are blinded by Satan, from seeing the reality around us. The truth of this world we are living in is a real nightmare manifesting into reality. I have hope in Jesus Christ and look forward to his coming, but I know it won't be easy in the coming years. In the coming years, the remnant of believers are going to be tested mightily by the onslaught of wickedness that is pervading into our everyday lives.

   I'm only 34 years old, but even I'm seeing the difference between 15 years ago and today. The exponential degradation of our society is rampant and sickening. Yet, more people are turning away from Jesus than ever before in America. This country is becoming a hateful wicked place, with God haters on the rise destroying everything good and Godly. They have no conscience about their hatefulness towards Jesus Christ and those that serve him. This country, is turning into a demon infested wasteland of wickedness.

   I know the Bible tells us to look upon the things of God, what is lovely, what is pure, what is good. This is good advice for us, and God's grace is sufficient for us to endure these times. This is why God tells us to separate ourselves from worldliness. The further separated we are, the less influence the Devil has on us. Yet, us believers who are doing this know while we are separated from this world, the gap increases with the majority of people who are neck deep in worldliness. Since I don't listen to worldly music or watch TV, when I see these things while living and working in the world, it's a stark contrast to Godliness. The filth and sickness that is commonly accepted now, is a shameful blight on all that is good. The absolute mind controlled masses under perversion and greed, is a creating a monster of iniquity oozing into every faucet of our society and culture. The only power to stop this spreading cancer of wickedness, is the blood of Jesus and the un-compromised belief in the word of God.

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   That people have different opinions is fine, but it's beyond this now. Christians opinions aren't being accepted now by the majority, but every other person's opinions are. The hypocrisy is apparent, but the majority doesn't care about fairness and truth. They want to punish Christians, they don't even know why, but it's because they are being programmed to do so by the powers to be. The powers to be are being led by Satan, who they worship. The majority of Godless people in America don't know why they think the way they do, but it's simply because they've been conditioned to hate Christians, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Bible.

   They always want evidence, but when you give them it, they deny it. You see, these Godless people are given over to demons, and the demons are what is speaking through them. This is how us Christians can love our enemies, but hate the demons inside them. Make no mistake though, when you are talking to someone who denies Jesus Christ, they are a vessel for Satan and demons to use.

   It makes no sense otherwise, for non-believers to be so adamant about hating Christians. A person can go through their life now days for decades and never have anyone ever try to tell them about Jesus Christ. Yet, they'll say they hate when Christians shove it down their throats. I met a young man and his girlfriend when I was a cab driver, and they were saying there is too many Christians in America, and that's why they wanted to get out of the country. This was interesting, because Eugene, OR (where we were) is such a Godless New Age place. I asked them where the Christians were at, cause I'd like to meet some. It's been my experience as a born-again believer in Jesus Christ, to have meet very, very few real believers, or really any at all who talk about Jesus -- in my over a decade of living in Eugene. This kind of attitude from our youth, is just what I'm talking about, it makes no sense except they are possessed by demons. Cause there's no reason otherwise to hate Christians.

   The stark reality in America is beyond what we can comprehend. The future of this country doesn't look good at all. The wicked are more bold every day, the Church is falling away more and more every day. Just look at the Grammy's, where there took place 33 marriages, including many which were homosexual marriages in the atmosphere of a church background. That is mind blowing wickedness, and what do people say? They say they hate these Christians for shoving Jesus down their throats, when no Christian has ever talked with them, but gay marriage is shoved down our throats, for sure.

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   The point to this article, is to call Christians to grow closer to Jesus Christ. We are going to need the Holy Ghost in these end of end days, more than ever. Be edified, stand strong in the faith, and don't pay any mind to what these Godless people say. They know not what they do, demons are speaking through them. The non-believer in Jesus Christ who don't show signs of listening to the gospel are goats who are tools for Satan. They have no mind of their own, they have no absolutes, they have only their self serving pleasures to gain. There is no reasoning with insanity, so be aware of their schemes.

   Most people aren't going to make it to heaven, the Bible says this clearly. Wide is the road to destruction and many there be that are on it, straight is the gate, and narrow is the way, that leads to everlasting life, and few there be that find it.

   One day we will be with our Lord Jesus Christ, in peace and love for eternity. How great this will be, but those who reject Jesus will not be there in heaven, but in hell and the lake of fire. So, let their words and deeds be judged by God almighty from the book of life, and let us pray for them, for they know not what they do. As for us Christians, let's draw closer to the good shepherd and bishops of our souls. 

Here is one of Henry Gruver's Books:


  1. Interesting read. .. plus good story! I am not a christian but I do believe in the possibility of all things..

    Reason is if there is no god, when we die it would not matter either!

    But if there is a god when we die, the consequences are far worse

    1. Khalil, you have a good mind.
      It is better to be safe and follow LOVE than hate.
      Who has risen from the dead and how many witnessed it? There is no other who can reassure us of the after dead experience.

  2. khalil, that's true, that you aren't against the possibilities means you are a seeker of the truth, and I pray God reveals it to you as Jesus Christ in a way that compels you to believe without doubt. Thanks for the comment and for reading and commenting. It's nice to have someone who although they don't believe isn't angry at me cause I do. I'd say your getting called out by God if it is the goats are being separated from the sheep.

    Thank you too debareb for reading an coming by, Jesus has risen from the dead, that's what all the fuss is about, praise God we have the hope in eternal life because of this.

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