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Intellectual Folly and the Two Biggest Lies Christians Believe

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   As each writer tries to find their voice and purpose for their writing, we come to certain crossroads of thought. Writing is a reflection of who we are as people, even if we are writing fiction or objective journalistic pieces. There is no real way to exclude oneself from the piece. Sometimes this voice will change as the person changes, yet there remains the central theme to their approach. For me, I want to keep things as simple as possible and try to relate to the basic thought patterns we as humans delve into concerning the hard to explain topics of life.

   Maybe it's because I'm intellectually lazy, and just want to avoid the actual documentation of the facts which bring me to the conclusions I possess. Maybe I'm just trying to cut out the clutter and get to the honest conclusion. Whatever the case, the more I grow in Jesus Christ and the Holy Bible, the less I care to prove anything intellectually. Although, the Bible is intellectually sound and has evidence to satisfy every intellectual argument, people who don't want to believe, simply won't, no matter what intellectual evidence offered. This is because it's a spiritual problem, and although the unbeliever has been deceived by Satan intellectually, they have since been corrupted morally and physically to create an all-around demonic defense of unbelief.

   This also has relevance with the believers as well, for there are many false doctrines which people who do believe in Jesus Christ are caught up in intellectually. Trying to convince them with evidence intellectually doesn't work for the most part, even though this needs to be available. For instance the biggest deception I can think of here is that the gifts of the Holy Spirit aren't working today. Baptist mostly believe this lie, and say that the gifts of healing, deliverance of demons, and speaking in tongues are not operational in the modern church. I find this very strange, because I've heard many testimonies of honest believers saying otherwise. It makes no sense at all and I have never read any part of the Bible which says such a thing. Why would anyone believe that the gifts of the Holy Spirit aren't working?

   Another one is the Pre-Tribulation rapture, another big lie which is setting believers up to get offended and fall away when it doesn't happen. I want to say here, why do people want to escape so bad? As for me, I don't want to escape the tribulation, I want to stay and help people to believe and be saved. I may have some family members who don't get raptured, so why would I want to leave them to be tortured? The believer isn't appointed to the wrath of God, but we are going to suffer Satan's wrath, and already are. Who cares about Satan's wrath, I'm not afraid of it, so I don't want to be raptured up and escape the tribulation, cause I want to stay and help people as much as I can. First of all it's a ridiculous doctrine that isn't found in the Bible at all, and second it's a cowardly doctrine. It clearly states throughout the Bible we will suffer tribulation, and that the second coming of Jesus Christ will come after the man of sin is revealed. Believers are going to have to choose whether to take the mark of the beast or not. To say that parts of the New Testament is only written for the Jews, is intellectually folly, and is twisting the scriptures. If a person reads the Bible simply and believes what it says, it's clear there is no secret rapture.

   This is where I have to remind you, I'm not interested in convincing anyone intellectually. There are people who spend countless hours trying to document their intellectual points and cover every corner of doubt, only to be rejected as quickly as this flimsy argument I have here. Only God can change their hearts to come to believe, and to let go of false doctrine. Until then, there is just finger pointing and division. I'll say this though, there is only one truth, and someone is wrong.

   The Holy Bible in it's key points isn't hard to understand, it's written simply so a child could understand it. People who wrest with the scriptures and twist it up, are making it complicated and are in intellectually folly. Keep it simple, when people say parts of the New Testament are meant for the Jews only, that is complicating the Bible. The New Testament is written for Christians, it is a Christian book. Keep it simple, why would God take the Holy Spirit away from us? Why would the most wicked and watered down church in the world (America) be raptured away and not have to suffer Satan's wrath like all the other believers more worthy than us had to? It's simply not sound doctrine, and I for one don't want to escape, I'm not afraid of Satan's wrath, and I want to stay and help my family and others get through the dark time coming on the Earth. Why would I want to escape and leave those I love to suffer with no-one to preach the gospel to them? When the man of sin is revealed, that's when I can finally have the best chance to get certain people to listen, who now are in blinded cause everything seems normal.

   I read my King James Version Bible, and I love the Lord Jesus Christ. I don't care what anyone else thinks, and I'm not going to try and fight with my intellect only, cause deception is a spiritual problem, and unbelief has more to do with the heart than anything else. What are pre-trib believers afraid of? Why would God take away the Holy Ghost? Think about it, and keep it simple.  

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