Monday, March 10, 2014

Sandy Hook & the Boston Bombing Hoax (Video)

    This is mind boggling material which unfortunately makes sense. It's amazing how these huge events which are seen across the world can be simply acting, staged, fake. That this is happening means the conspiracy is getting bolder and bolder, having less and less respect for the sheeple. It shows us how close the devil is residing in our everyday lives, right next to us. Makes me want to get closer to Jesus Christ.

     The only answer is Jesus Christ here, as we are simply sheep going against wolves. Jesus is the most powerful entity in existence, as he is the creator, and what is behind these fake events is entities. Jesus is our protection from the forces of evil which are pervading our everyday lives. We can not look at the material problems we have, but look past the problems and see the solution, which is Jesus Christ, through prayer and obedience to His Word, we will find the strength and way to overcome our problems. The grace of God is sufficient to overcome the sins that snare us.

      For me, seeing the evidence of evil in this matter manifesting itself into our reality, is a wake up call and motivates me to seek the Lord more and more. I think this is where the revival of the remnant will be created is from the manifested darkness becoming more and more overt  until we can no longer deny it or ignore it's urgent danger imposed on our lives. Our souls are secure, our time on Earth is temporary, we have no need to be afraid.

    When the time comes where I have to encounter these manifested dark forces more readily in my daily life, then  I want to be ready to use the power of the name of Jesus and the faith in the power in his blood to overcome the plans they have and let God's will be done through me. The Lord is merciful and just, giving us ample time to prepare and ample opportunity to repent and be empowered by the Holy Ghost. There are many people who are exposing the plans of the darkness like the people in this video. Let us not waste our time sinning and rationalizing our salvation, let us put away sin and begin to battle in the Spiritual realms with the weapons God has fashioned.

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