Thursday, April 24, 2014

Don't Blame the Boomer Generation, Blame Satan

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Looking around at my fellow Americans, I'm sorrowful everyday thinking of how far gone we are away from the Holy Bible. The family unit has been destroyed over and over by the enemy, and what has replaced it, is this rotten wicked culture and the Satanic driven State. As a part of the X generation, I could easily try and blame the Boomer generation. They are twice as big as my generation, and were the tools which brought about this modern time we have now. Yet, let's not blame the Boomer generation, let's blame Satan.

The Boomer generation was slated for destruction long before they were born. The Illuminati had big plans for America after their fabricated WWII occurred, and the tools they needed was the Boomers. Aleister Crowley knew this was going to be the time in which Satan would get a final foothold in America and not soon after would destroy it. The communistic Marxist ideals are simply Satan's plan manifested into a political ideology. And now we are seeing the results of the implementation of these ideals into our very freedom loving country itself.

That's why I can't get mad at the Boomers, although most of them did drop the ball and go with the illusion Satan beheld before them. Still, they didn't stand a chance, there were factors beyond the common mans fornicating rebelliousness, which put us over the edge of immorality before Timothy Leary ever came along. The initiation of the Federal Reserve was the financial turning point and was the leading development of the corruption into every other sector of life as we know it. The media, businesses, culture, sports, government – all fell into step with the New World Order boys once they had the money supply in control.

It took after a couple world wars to break America down until we were ready for the 60's. The 60's was simply the moving point of Satan's forces having victory over America's way of life. We went from a country that tried to serve Jesus Christ without the Pope, to a country that now serves Satan under the Pope. The Boomers were just the unwitting youngsters slated for destruction years before they were even born.

See the Illuminati knew there would be this great population explosion in the 40's and 50's after the war, and they even encouraged it through economic and sociological circumstances. They knew that they could corrupt this new generation like never before, because the time was right. After they brought over all the Nazi scientist and started the CIA, FBI, and other black operation government agencies, they then could do the work of Satan in the dark and undermine the very fabric of America. The Satanic Nazi scientist experimented on millions of children and innocent people. There was Satanic rituals done by people like Jack Parsons and Elron Hubbard, which opened the doors even wider to hell here. Soon enough this country was ready for this growing youth to rebel like no generation ever has before.
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Elvis paved the way, the Beatles drove the Satanic magic bus down the pavement, and hordes of demons followed to attach themselves to everyone who was down with the revolution of rebellion from Jesus. After the tree of righteousness was nearly chopped down, the 70's came, and abortion and New Age Bible versions came into being. America became so confused and Satanic that child sacrifice was legalized, and because of this iniquity, Satan had the grounds to bring in the false Bibles starting with the NIV.

From there it has simply been a downhill spiral, the feminist movement, the so called civil rights movement, the drug wars, the war on poverty, the environmentalism – were and all are simply fronts to nefarious plots by those who serve Satan to implement their NWO in America.

Now, we are in 2014, and I don't even know where to begin to show what the fruits are of this corruption of America which was streamlined in the Boomer's generation. Vietnam and the Korean War were simply a way to get all the moral and good young people out of the country, while they corrupted the weaker and younger ones. Also, they could shoot the soldiers up over there with experimental drugs and spray them with agent orange to kill them off quicker when they get home, so only the weaker and more corrupt of the boomer generation would live to be old. Also, those who went to those wars were faced with atrocities that warped their minds and made it hard for them to be loving men of God after the war. God bless all the veterans who fought in those wars.

So I can't really sit here and blame the Boomers, because it was Satan and those who do his work which really are to blame. There are many Boomers who understand what happened, and even understood what was happening then. The Christian leaders I follow are of this Boomer generation, and they are mighty warriors for Jesus. I feel for the Boomers like I feel for the X and lower generations – because we all have been slated for destruction in these last days.

My generation is so messed up and torn apart. It's beyond sad to see, not just for those in my generation, but for our boomer parents who know they didn't raise their children right, they know there is something very wrong with this modern world and where it's going. Of course, some people are willingly ignorant that anything is wrong at all, this because mostly they don't want anything to interrupt their selfish pleasures. Yet, the Boomers are getting older, and the women's looks are fading, and the men's passions are dying, and it is starting to sink in “What have we done!?”

We all need to repent and come to believe in Jesus Christ as our savior. We all need Jesus in this end time hour. We all need to take accountability of our own sins and iniquities and stop blaming others. All of us are Americans, we are going to go through this judgment together for what we collectively allowed to happen to this country. Repent and seek the Lord Jesus, for there is much to be sorrowful when looking around at these lost, wretched generations torn apart by Satan. Praise God for making a way with his only begotten son, Jesus Christ.  

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