Monday, May 19, 2014

Macro Evolution is a Religious Belief (Kent Hovind Video)

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    Kent Hovind presents another great presentation here in this video. His intelligent and wise words put to rest the lie of evolution with facts and evidence of it's falseness. Truly macro-evolution is a religion that is being taught as factual science. 

   It's easy to see why Kent Hovind was sent to prison since 2007 for some bogus tax charges. It's because he was doing great damage to the theory of evolution and exposing the NWO agenda for the world. His presentations and debates he conducted and was part of for a couple decades, made a great impact and still do. 

   I like Kent's humor and light heart dealing with these difficult subjects, he shows us that although the NWO is carrying out their nefarious plans, don't worry, we Christians win in the end. He's not ignorant of the difficulties we are facing and will face in the future, but his trust in the Lord Jesus doesn't allow him to become disheartened. 

   Watch this video, and if you haven't heard of Kent Hovind you should study his work and learn some great information about how macro-evolution is a complete fabrication that has no evidence whatsoever. Kent is still in prison as of today, but is looking to get out in February 2015. He was sentenced for 10 years in reality for proving the theory of evolution wrong and connecting it to the agenda of the secret societies that are in power today. 

   This video in particular talks about the dangers of evolution, it's not just a dumb theory, but dangerous. The dangers are obvious in the fruit that it bears in those who believe it. Kent explains this theory is at the root of all of societies' ills we face, of course the author of this theory being Satan which planted the seed. I would encourage atheist and people who believe in macro evolution to watch too, and stop calling their religion facts and shoving it down everyone's throats -- if they have any integrity at all. 

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