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Pregnant Christian Woman Sentenced to Death in Sudan, (Update: Miriam Released!)

   Update: August 3rd

     Miriam Ibrahim arrived in New Hampshire safely with her family. They have escaped the horrors of Sudan and have made it to the USA finally to start their life in a land that for now tolerates Christianity. 

    Praise God for this report. 

    Here is the article from the ACLJ:

   Update: June 24th

   Miriam Ibrahim was released from custody and charges were dropped in Sudan. Monday the 23rd, her lawyer confirmed this, as the appeals courts overruled the lower courts -- setting her free. 
    Praise God for this, Miriam recently had her second child in prison and was awaiting her punishment of being flogged and hanged for essentially marrying a Christian man and not recanting her faith. 

    Open Doors says Sudan is 11th on the world list of the most dangerous places for Christians to live or visit. Groups like the ACLJ and others who actively campaigned for her release are happy about this ruling, yet also trying to hold Sudan accountable for holding her in prison for 126 days for being a Christian, denying the father the ability to see his child birthed. Also, they are trying to ensure this doesn't happen to others. 

    Groups are also trying to get Miriam asylum to the US, so she and family can live peaceable lives. Not sure what the hold up is for this, considering her husband is America, but when we have a Muslim in the White House, we can see why. 

   Praise Jesus for this report.


cc from
   As a good example of what Sharia law is really about, we can look to a case in Sudan where a 27 year old pregnant woman has been sentenced to death by hanging for merely being a Christian. 

   Miriam Ibrahim is from a Muslim family, but never considered herself a Muslim. Her recent marriage to Daniel Wani who is a US citizen has caused her to be charged for adultery and blasphemy for not recanting her Christian faith. This is the fruits of following the Koran where it has no tolerance towards those who don't believe in the Koran, especially Christians. 

   The sentence was handed down Sunday May 15th, but did allow for the pregnant Sudanese woman to first have her child before she was flogged and hanged. She is in confinement now with her 20 month old boy. 

   The US congress did pass a bi-partisan resolution condemning this sentence Wednesday May 21st. Yet, this is merely lip service when the woman's husband is even a US citizen, and therefor so are their children. Where is the President and Secretary of State in this ordeal? 

   The pregnant Christian woman has been in prison for three months, but this became known around the world after she was sentenced to death for leaving Islam, which she never even believed in. Her father who left her when she was a girl, was Muslim, so Sharia law says she has left the faith, although she was raised by her Christian mother. 

   This story shows the intolerance and insanity that comes with Sharia law. Those who follow the Koran closely have fruits like this and like Boko Haram who kidnapped the girls in Nigeria recently. The reason Islam is a religion with bad fruits from it's sincere believers is because it was created by the Vatican to kill the Jews and Bible believers in N. Africa. The Vatican and Islam are serving their father, Satan, and stories like this show us proof. 

   Here is a report from Breitbart with more details:

   Here is an Eric Jon Phelps Video that explains the Vatican creating Islam:

And here is an article I've written about the Jesuits:

- The Jesuits and The New World Order

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