Saturday, May 10, 2014

An Acute Sense of Our Mortality Creates Empathy

pic I took of Lookout Point, Oregon
   Sometimes when I wake up from a nap I have this uncanny sense of my mortality. It's almost as if time has paused and I can perceive life in it's precarious state without the rush of the brain computer's conditional upload. Soon enough the brain's upload comes and I'm back to the normal thought patterns I'm used to. Still, I wonder if everyone has this sensitivity when they wake up from naps?

   My mortality is a fleeting thought in my normal state, I'm aware on some level that this is an undeniable conclusion to this mortal flesh. I'm also a believer that the power that raised Jesus Christ from the dead will raise me up too, when this mortal fleshly body does pass away. Even so, something stops me from grasping the immensity of this reality. Try as I might, the ever burdening tasks of daily life clutters my brain sufficiently enough to cause a dull conditional normalcy of thinking. Only in rare instances, will I break through this membrane, and mostly this is when I wake up from a daytime nap.

   I used to be a weed smoker, and I would fall asleep after smoking all day. Then when I woke up I would feel crazed and have to get right back to smoking again. This would feel very good, and I think it is because the demons were trying to get me to miss out on the sense of urgency that comes when getting an acute sense of my mortality. I'm not talking about an obsession with death, but of an awareness that maybe God is trying to show me -- to give me the drive and focus for being empathetic towards my fellow man.

   There is so much evil going on around the world everyday. Our lives are generally such a small part of this largeness. We struggle to comprehend the immensity of the whole scene and gather it's meaning. Prayer is the only way I can attain solace in the madness of the world today. By praying for God to take these burdens, praying to help people in need, praying for everything I can muster to think of everyday. This helps, I can have some part in fighting for those who oppose themselves, who are innocent and being preyed upon. The fight is raging on so many levels, yet we must carry on in our daily lives or the machine will eat us up and leave us on the streets. I know God will provide always and I'm not afraid of being homeless, but my wife and I have other people to think about being there for.

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   Us Christians who have seen through the illusion, who know about the NWO conspiracy, who know about demons and the wiles of the Devil. We are rare and outnumbered in this wicked time. The confusion is so thick and the mockers so loud, the religious so stiff-necked. It's a testament to the power of Jesus Christ that we choose to become so “crazy” in the majority of the world's eyes. I don't know about you, but it's an easy choice for me, cause I never thought much of this world anyway. Even when I rejected Jesus in my early 20's I couldn't stand what I was seeing in the people here in America. The superficial hypocrisy made me sick, and finding the truth has validated my gut feelings and given me a sense of sanity in this insane world. Yes, the word of God is true, look at how it describes this end times world to a tee (2 Timothy 3).

   I've had to deal with some grandparents whom I loved dying, but I haven't had to feel the sting of death in a loved one who died unexpectedly. I have to be careful and thoughtful in my walk day to day, to be mindful of the burdens some people carry because they have felt the sting of death from a loved one. We have to have a deep sense of empathy, we have to strive for this understanding of the burdens others have, before we start to discern the problems they have because of these occurrences. Does that make sense to you? I hope it does.

   When I wake up from a nap, there is such a sadness and empathy in my soul. I look at my wife and think about if she died how hard this would be for me to deal with. I think about if I died and how she would deal with it. I realize how precarious life is and how frail we are as humans. I can only pray and seek strength in the Lord Jesus to relieve this acute sadness.

   Those who are scoffers and mockers of the cross, they truly know not what they do. They are hardened in a way that they can't reach that place inside themselves that has empathy for others. Their bowels of compassion are shut up and wanting, their sensitivity is numbed out with selfish pleasures, drugs, and other sin. Although they malign me and the other remnant Christians, although they hate us for no cause, really they are crying out for mercy. These hardened souls are heading for a massive burden, one that compiles all the smaller burdens they've ignored all-together into a climatic breaking point. No human can stand the punishment that they are heading for. We must pray mercy for them, we must remit their sins and not retain them.

   Blessed be the poor and meek in spirit. We are broken and needful of Jesus Christ, we represent honest humanity, for humanity is broken and in need of Jesus Christ. Those who think they are strong in their own self, are deceived and in reality weak and in need of a savior. We have fallen from grace, we are in need of help from God, there is an enemy after our souls. Take heart broken warriors, we have a helper in Jesus Christ. He will take our burdens and heal our brokenness and we will give him the glory and praise always for his wonderful amazing gift of salvation.

Hebrews 13: 5 Let your conversation be without covetousness; and be content with such things as ye have: for he hath said, I will never leave the, nor forsake thee. 6 So that we may boldly say, The Lord is my helper, and I will fear what man shall do unto me.

Win Worley's Book, A Very Good Book For Christians About Demons


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