Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Illegal Immigration At Southern US Border Exploding

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  Can you imagine the sheer desperate humanity that is flooding in through our southern border into America? How exactly are these people going to be taken care of and what exactly are they going to do here? 
   What we are looking at here is the North American Union in real time, where they have effectively opened the borders as though Mexico was simply another state in the union. Although, the difference is Mexico isn't subject to the laws and isn't part of the US, so therefor lawlessness can abound there without recourse. 

   It doesn't take a rocket science to understand what the New World Order is up to here, mainly the complete destruction of America by any and all means available. Those who aren't brain dead communist can see the acute danger of letting just anyone come over the border into our communities. There is likely terrorist coming along with the desperate looking for work simply. 

   How exactly can anyone be in support of allowing a completely open border with a country that is being taken over by drug cartels? It's not lost on me, that problem, means, solution is at play here too. Meaning, the NWO boys have created the problem in Latin America to cause this flood of refugees and terrorist minded people to come in to our home and then eat away our resources and security until we are destroyed even further. 

   Here is a good report from Infowars below, explaining the particulars of the current situation. If you thought it was a problem before, this year the problem is accelerating to the point where now there are 90,000 children the US is taking care of in facilities that reporters can't even sincerely report on with open access. 

   In case you didn't have enough to worry about with all the other problems that are stacking up against us in America, don't forget this one. Remember though to keep these problems in perspective, knowing it's a spiritual problem we are facing. Our hope is in Jesus Christ, and in Him lies our solution. If this country would repent and come back to God, our borders would find a way to be closed and our neighbors would stop being terrorized by the wicked rulers that are terrorizing us too. 

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