Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Veteran Put Into Mental Hospital For Facebook Post Critical of Government

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    The American government is arresting veterans because they are critical of the government on Facebook! This may not be a surprise to you, but here is a case that really gives evidence of this taking place. 

     26 year old Veteran Brandon Raub was arrested without being charged by the police and detained in a mental institution for a week before being let go because of his family and friends outrage and a judge saying his rights have been broken. 

    The American media isn't telling us anything about this, but Russian Times is. In this interview below we get the full take on what happened and what is going on under the communistic program implemented by the government four years ago called Operation Vigilant Eagle, where all dissent of the government is silenced, especially the veterans who have faithfully served our country. 

    Attorney John Whitehead from the Rutherford Institute has been defending Brandon and other such cases from these attacks from the government. 

    This shows us that dissent is not welcome in America by the current Administration and those who pull the puppets strings. This should outrage all Americans whether they a liberal or conservative. These are rights that if any one side loses, both sides will loose. Although maybe it's not a surprise, we ought to be shocked at the boldness of the traitors who somehow have taken over our country and are putting good citizens who are veterans in mental hospitals for a critical facebook post. What an insecure bunch of cowards we have in leadership today. 

Here is the interview with John Whitehead:

And a more detailed article:

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