Wednesday, July 2, 2014

The NWO Homosexual Agenda Has It's Aim on Christians

Jesus is my rock, I shall not be moved

   If a Christian reads their Bibles it's easy to see that homosexuality is a sin (Romans 1:24-32). The Bible makes this very clear, yet because of the agenda of the homosexual movement and the New World Order, homosexuality is beginning to become widely accepted in the so called churches where they supposedly read the Holy Bible and follow what it says. 

  For instance the United Church of Christ has announced they are going to be a major sponsor of the Gay Olympics! UCC claims to have over a million member in over 5,200 congregations in the US, yet none of the people in this church care what the Bible says. There certainly is no fear of God in this denomination, is there? 

  UCC has been and is leading the charge to defile the Word of God, as they were the first mainline denomination to accept gay marriages. They have lots of apostate company now though -- in their efforts to destroy the faith of Christians in America, as The Presbyterian Church has recently voted to allow same sex weddings in the states in which it is legal to do so. Also, in this mix of apostate churches is of course the Methodist, Moravians, and even the Affirming Pentecostal Church International -- this according to an article by Jennifer Leclarie called: Apostasy Rising: 4 Denominations In Less Than A Week Defy God's Word.

  I wasn't even aware there was such a thing called the Gay Olympics, how absurd. I wonder if Christians could have a Christian Olympics and there not be some outrage? Of course, why would we considering the Olympics is based on the fallen angels. Basically, it's fitting the homosexuals are having their own occultic festival, considering the ancient Greeks were a very homosexual oriented people, worshiping their fallen angel gods. 

   Yet, why are people who call themselves Christians becoming part of this sickness, this degeneration? I can only deduce these are not Christians at all. Just because they call themselves Christians doesn't mean they are, because the Bible says we shall know them by their fruits. Well, this is rotten fruit for sure. 

    We have to remember that the New World Order leaders are themselves homosexuals and sexually perverse people. This goes a long way in explaining why 2-3% of the population of humanity is dictating the other % into such an unnatural sick acceptance of this perverse way of life called homosexuality. We have to remember that the majority of people in the world believe homosexuality is an abnormal behavior that is destructive and perverse, and also that it's a choice. Yet, this majority of people are not the ones in the leadership of the government, culture, and society. 

   Truth is homosexuality is a tool the New World Order are using to destroy the faith in the Christian churches in America and throughout the world. They want us to believe it's about love and tolerance, when homosexuality is simply lust and perverse behavior. Also, the leading homosexual activist (hand picked by the Illuminati and the elite ruling blood lines), are the most insecure, intolerant people  they could find when it comes to being tolerant of true believers in Jesus Christ. Basically they are hypocritical, debased, perverted, immoral, haters of those that are good, cowards, liars, and much worse even than we can imagine. The leaders of this nation are much worse than most people can imagine, and the leading homosexual activist and infiltrators are their hand-picked chosen ones that have been set loose on the body of Christ. 

  I for one, see through this agenda and will not let them intimidate me into accepting their way of life as good. I will especially not allow them to come near my faith in the Holy Bible. That these denominations (and people in them) have is a shame to every single person that still goes to those so called churches. If you fear God, then get out of those churches and stand for the Holy Bible, stand for Jesus Christ who gave his life for us to be free of this sin they are promoting with pride and glee. 

Want to understand the Homosexual Agenda, then follow Scott Lively's work.

Author Scott Lively
Book: The Pink Swastika


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    1. Thanks sister Fawn, appreciate the encouragement. We have a right to have our opinion as Bible believing Christians, none of us should be moved from the truth.


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