Saturday, August 30, 2014

ISIS Threatens America and Christians Take Up Arms in Iraq

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   Paul McGuire provides a critical urgent update, detailing the recent threat ISIS has made of an imminent terrorist attack on the southern border. Their threat also states they already have agents inside America, ready to attack in celebration of 9/11.

   Intelligence agencies are on high alert, and he stats we do know ISIS is in the United States now. They have crossed the southern border and he states we do know they are stationed in Juarez Mexico, which is right on the border with Texas. 

   Although we don't know if their threats will materialize, these are serious threats which are intelligence agencies are on high alert over and this threat was even on the top of the Drudge Report today. 

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   Paul goes on to say that, "America will either burn with the fires of destruction, or the fires of Christian revival." His message is one of hope to the Christians and a call to action to repent and start praying for this nation while taking tangible action where we can. 

   For the unbeliever and non-believer, there is no better time than now to come to know Jesus Christ as your savior. The illusion of comfort and safety we have grown to take for granted in America is being threatened and one day will be exposed glaringly even more, as the fallacy of this modern delusion the New World Order has duped us into believing, crumbles into tyranny. All the while, as they have taken over this country and put into place the destructive elements that will cause our way of life great harm and collapse. 

   If you're a soldier of Jesus Christ or a seeker of truth, listen to Paul's message - as he is one of the Generals in the Army of God.  


ISIS Meeting Serious Resistance in Iraq and Syria From Christian Fighters

            Thousands of Christians Take Up Arms' to Finally Crush ISIS and End Persecutions!

   DAHBOO77 reports in this video about thousands of Christians in the Middle East taking up arms to fight the ISIS threat on their homeland. 

   This story is one to show the Christians here in America what defending your home looks like. The normally passive Christian Assyrians by the thousands are joining rudimentary militias to protect the Christians in Iraq. These units are formed and being added to as we speak, unit by unit the Christians are organizing to meet the radical demonic threat of the murderous cowards called ISIS. 

   One great mobilized Christian militia called the Syriac Military Council is formed of Assyrian and Chaldean Christians in the area. Even some Europeans are starting to support this movement and possibly join. These forces have formed because they are tired of seeing their loved ones and brother and sisters killed by ISIS. Children being be-headed and merciless executions have to be stopped, and these men are willing to die fighting for their faith and their people. 

    These militias have and will join forces with the Kurdish forces called Pershmerga to take back territory and defend their homes, land, and people - from ISIS. 

     Let's pray for these brave Christians who are taking a stand and fighting back against this demonic force of Satan called ISIS. For all the pacifist Christians out there, this story is asking you directly, what would you do? And are you going to condemn these people for defending themselves and their helpless loved ones against the worst evil? Or are you going to going to say amen brothers, we pray and support you any way we can!

    I for one, am moved by these Christian soldiers, and pray for their protection and strength against this enemy of Satan and his foot soldiers. If anyone thinks ISIS isn't Satan's foot soldiers, you are blind, ignorant, and in total denial of reality. 

     This may very well be a scene closer to home one day, that is why I placed these stories together. ISIS is here in America, and what are we going to do? Obviously they have been invited with an open border, by our traitorous government in high office. So, relying on them to help you isn't going to work. Christian will be helping each other, it is Biblical to defend ourselves, our loved ones, our bothers and sisters in the faith, and every innocent person who is subjected to evil. 

    Think about it Americans , Europeans, Australians, and Christians around the world...

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