Friday, August 15, 2014

Robin Williams Likely Murdered

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   The first video below this article points out some evidence that would indicate Robin Williams didn't commit suicide as the mainstream media is reporting, but rather was killed by someone when strangled with a leather belt.

    A Family Guy episode that aired right before his death was announced, was about the main character wanting to commit suicide the whole show because everything and everyone he came around turned into Robin Williams!

    From a clip that I've seen with Robin Williams flipping the Satanic salute with his hand and then putting it towards his heart with a nod of agreement, this shows me that he was allied with the Illuminati. At one point at least he was compromised and sold out to them. In my opinion he was an organic success many years ago, who was approached and compromised later. Nevertheless, this murder looks to be a Satanic sacrifice like Whitney Houston, Britney Murphy and many others.

   The likely reason was because Robin Williams was vocal and critical about the corrupt political situation in America as well as the New World Order. Who knows, maybe he repented and came to Jesus Christ or Satan was afraid he would. Satan doesn't want a high profile witness for Jesus Christ to come out and convert many to Jesus.

  Now, think about it...why would he kill himself? I know the NWO is making it seem like he did by portraying him as unstable and having all these problems, of course they are going to make it seem like he was suicidal. Don't many of us have the same problems though, and how many people kill themselves over it when they have all the options and opportunity he had? He could have just gone on vacation to a place far away and relaxed if he was so stressed out. That may sound naive, and I know the rich and famous life isn't what it seems, but in reality a guy like Robin Williams had way too much to live for.

  The money problems are nothing to someone like him. Even if he was dead broke, he could do stand up a couple times a month and make $5,000. That's a good living for almost anyone else. The reasons they give for him committing suicide are just not good enough for me. Then this Family Guy episode just gives it away. Robin Williams was another victim of the NWO agenda. Rest in Peace.

   On another note, think about this distraction from the Yazidis in Iraq, the Christian genocide going on over there by ISIS. Now think about Americans making a huge deal out of Robin dying, but then there are thousands of Christians being murdered in barbaric ways by Muslims in the Middle East, and there is hardly anything said about it. Where is the national mourning for these persecuted people, where is the Presidents resolve to help these people?

   It's an outrage and shows Americans to be a very sick and brainwashed people that they nationally mourn a sold out compromised actor who dies, but turn a blind eye to innocent children being crucified and beheaded in the Middle East by ISIS Muslims. It's a shameful thing indeed.

    Here is the video of by PressReleaseEarth about Robin Williams likely murder:

And here is a video about the Persecuted Christians in the Middle East being murdered by ISIS Muslims:

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