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The Muslim's Plan of Attack in America and Europe: Birth Rates

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Muslim Demographics

   Here is a short seven minute video to watch, which tells us the facts about the demographics of Europe and North America. What these stats focus on specifically is the declining birth rates in these countries of the native populations, and an alarming increase of population from Muslims. 

   Basically, what is shown is that the 52 million Muslims in Europe in 2007 are going to double to 104 million in 20 years, while the native populations will decline. One third of all births in 2025 will be Muslim. And remember the majority of the younger generations will be Muslim at this point overwhelmingly. Since 1990, 90% of the births have been Muslims!

  The U.S. and Canada aren't far behind, as the 9 million Muslims here in 2007 will be 50 million in 30 years!

  This video was uploaded in March of 2009 and from what I gathered the data was from 2007. Since this is over 7 years ago, you can guess that the numbers are even worse now for us. What this video is talking about is the birth rates, which doesn't even consider the Muslims that have been invited in to go to college, special Immigrant Visas, or illegals coming through the southern border. 

   Basically Muslims are averaging 8 children per family, while Europeans and Americans are averaging overall (even with the Latinos) around 1.8. A sustainable culture needs 2.1 to sustain itself. Are you starting to get it now? Watch the video for more information, let this sink in.


       Imagine Living in a Majority Muslim Nation of America or Europe!   

     Now, personally I want to say that I don't believe the world has 25 years to go before Jesus comes back and puts an end to all this madness. Praise Jesus Christ, in him we have hope. Cause in this world all we have is the New World Order and the Muslims taking over to look forward to. 

     Until Jesus comes back and wipes out the evil workers of iniquities with the brightness of His coming, Christians and non-Christians alike are going to experience tribulations and Great Tribulation. This means we will and are going to suffer from persecution from Muslim extremist and others who worship Satan. Cause make no mistake about it, Muslims worship Satan whether they know it or not. 


How Muslims Will Take Over Europe and America

  Up above is a compelling and deeply disturbing video showing the reality of what exactly these numbers mean to our way of life. Make no mistake, the Devil comes to kill, steal, and destroy. Make no mistake Allah is Satan, and these angry, insecure, wicked, perverted, devious radical Jihadist are Satan's foot soldiers in the flesh!

   Maybe this isn't a subject you want to be aware of, but your apathy means your children and grandchildren will be in subjection to these kinds of in-human violent people bent on killing every Christian, Jew, and anyone else who doesn't comply with their dogmatic insecure worship of Satan (Allah). 

           The Muslim Agenda


   This is a very good documentary from a British man who is objectively making the case that the Koran should be banned from the UK. I agree, that Muslims should be banned from Europe and N. America as well as the Koran. They are fundamentally enemies of our countries and the well-being of our citizens, just as the Jesuits are. 
   As if we needed more evidence, yet this video is a must see if you need to understand what we are dealing with. It's a 2 hour documentary, well worth watching when you have the time.

   What We Christians Must Do

   The Bible tells us to love our enemies, while Islam's Koran tells them to cut off their enemies' heads off. We Christians serve the one and only true God, the God of love and mercy, of forgiveness and peace. Yet, woe to those that are subjected to the mighty wrath of God the Father! Vengeance is mine saith the Lord! Eternal torment awaits them.  

   We must prepare spiritually, by drawing closer to the Lord Jesus Christ through His Word. This will give us the guidance and ability to navigate the troublesome times ahead. Be angry and sin not, there is a Biblical anger we should have, at what is being done to innocent people around the world by the hand of Islam. We must be aware of the true nature of their religion. 

   Creeping Sharia is upon us America and Europe, and once they get the numbers in our countries they'll come with the sword more and more. They'll come after our children and our very way of life will they destroy, and replace it with their demonic worship. Don't go out without a fight! Pray for Europe and America, that God will have mercy on us. And prepare physically, mentally and Spiritually for the coming threats these Muslims are sure to bring. 

   Get to know Walid Shoebat's ministry, a former Islamic Terrorist and now born-again Christian, for more insight into what Islam is all about. Here is his website:

   Also, check out Usama Dakdok's website called Straight Way Ministries, he was born in Egypt and has studied the Koran in it's Arabic tongue. He is a born-again Christian man as well, praise Jesus!

    This was going to be a smaller blog post, but it turned out to be what it is. I know this subject could go on and on, as there is so much disturbing evidence of this happening in Europe and America. These Muslims of course need Jesus as much as anyone else, we must pray they find Him, even when their countries have no tolerance for Christianity. We must pray they are stopped as well, and that the innocent can be spared. 

   God bless America and Europe, in Jesus Christ we pray, Amen.

Here is The Lowdown Vlog #7: 
Muslim Cult in Europe and America


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