Friday, September 5, 2014

Pastors in America Are AWOL

Coach Dave Daubenmire tells it like it is always. His message today (above), speaks about how the pastors are who has let America down. I totally agree with him on this point. 

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Looking at all the churches in the small city I live in, it astonishes me what a waste of space they are. When they could be doing great things for God and having a move of the Holy Spirit, they sell out for nothing, just to get along with a wicked world. 

America is going into a free fall people, like a toilet flushing. The people are getting swallowed up with manifold problems that are too many to accurately describe. The foundations are gone, the judgement is upon us, and we simply await the slap in the face that will wake people up. 

This madness can't go on forever, the denial of reality, the make-believe and celebration of wickedness. We are destroying everything that is good more and more everyday. The enemy is demolishing our lives and our land. America is an oppressive place of torment full of cowards stabbing at the few righteous among us. 

The few righteous in the Lord Jesus among us are getting ganged up on by zombie coward brainwashed goats. Coach Dave understands this, I find comfort in his words. He speaks the truth cause he loves Jesus and isn't a coward like the majority of pastors in this country. This country, which is in a free fall into total destruction. 

Coach Dave's ministry is called Pass the Salt Ministry, here is the link to his website:

Subscribe to his YouTube and keep up with his material, it's always worth it. God bless. 

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