Monday, September 8, 2014

The New World Order is Emerging

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   Jason A has put out another great new video called "The Beginning of Sorrows - Major World Event Happening Now 2014." 

   This is another must watch video, which shows recent news events that detail the emerging new world order. Personally, I don't have a TV and so I don't watch mainstream news, so some of the news clips he puts in here, keep me in touch with what's happening through the world's eyes. It shows me what people who are asleep are seeing. 

   I can see how some of my family and friends are deceived at times listening to these sources, or simply avoiding the whole reality of the world events all-together. It's interesting to hear Chuck Hagel talking about the emerging new world order, and that America has to help form it. What else can the man say, at this point the whole world is out of control because of forces that are too evil for regular puppets like Chuck or Joe Biden to even hint at. 

   I'm talking about fallen angels, in particular Satan himself. The cartoonish version of this evil figure aside, the depths of his existence beyond the scope of the average person's comprehension, of course, most brainwashed Americans believe Satan isn't real at all. Perfect for Satan to do his work, and these useful idiots to help. 

   Meanwhile we have ISIS manifesting as a human form of incarnate evil roaming around un-checked. Even monsters get worried about other monsters as Joe Biden talks tough against this group of Satan's foot soldiers. Yeah, they must be stopped, but what about, they should have never been created by you Joe, and those you work for. 

   The wicked will deceive and be deceived more and more...

   Jason A's videos always provoke thought within me, thought I would share some of it. Phil Robertson from Duck Dynasty is saved as the best for last clip, as he reads his Bible on Hannity's show. What a brilliant picture for America, this humble servant speaking to sinners, an actor as the leading evangelical man of America in the dark ages of 2014. Brilliant light of Jesus shine through this darkness, we need you dear Jesus Christ. 

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