Monday, October 6, 2014

Satanic Programming is Becoming More Blatant in Cartoons

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   Puritan Pictures has a great YouTube channel you'll want to watch and subscribe to. The video below exposes the Cartoon Network and their blatant and subliminal Satanic agenda against our children. He does a great job in showing the different shows that are popular today. Did you know that there is a cartoon show called Lucy the Devil's Girl? Wow...

Mr. Pickles, wow blatant...

   The end times march on as the masters of deceit get bolder. Some insightful caller to the Hagmann and Hagmann show last week said the Illuminati New World Order types are not able to be totally blatant yet, but they are getting more and more obvious. The point to all of the conditioning is, the point Satan is trying to make, because he wants us to embrace and ask for the evil, not just be subjected to it.

   See, one day they will basically show us Satanic programming on these Cable shows and Hollywood movies in such a blatant manner that everyone who is watching will have to accept that they are now OK with Satanism. Do you know what I'm saying here. The thing is, we are almost there, just watch this video and see how blatant it is in these cartoons for our children.

   I personally don't watch TV, and most of my life has been without it. Every once in awhile we'll watch a movie that isn't Hollywood that is family friendly. So, watching videos like this from Puritan Pictures from brother Jared is shocking to me. I'm only 35 years old, yet it seems like even I came from a wholesome time. Not so, but the level of Satanic programming and conditioning has ratcheted up about a 1,000 fold since I was a kid watching cartoons.

   Watch the video, subscribe to Puritan Pictures, share this post, get your kids off TV all-together, home-school them if can, pray with them, read the Holy Bible with them -- let us sanctify ourselves from this Satanic world system that is emerging. There is nothing good coming from mainstream sources anymore at all.

Puritan Pictures YouTube Channel


  1. As a parent, you think your children are safe in THEIR OWN HOME. Not so if we fail to heed the signs. Parents must be ever more involved in our children. I've heard the phrase so many times, "If we don't teach our children to love Jesus, the world will teach them not to." It's completely true.

    1. Very true Deborah, they are very much after the children, as they know that is the key to long term change is to basically condition the children with their Satanic agenda. If I were raising a child, they wouldn't be allowed to watch TV, and Internet only under supervision. These cartoons are unacceptably Satanic. Thanks for coming by, God bless.

  2. I'm sure you can't see it, but there's a big "Call your Halloween Psychic" ad on your page in the center on the bottom. I got a picture I can send to you if I can figure out how...

  3. My favorite part was when you said "I personally don't watch TV". Pure gold!

  4. mr pickles is o after midnight. if a kid is up at that time blame the parents. and u bible thumpers think u see satan in everything. there is no satan, there is no god, there is only us.

  5. shut the f up, God e xists your just a little bitchy jerk who wants atention


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