Sunday, December 14, 2014

Black Eyed Children Phenomenon

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The video below this post is a good introduction into the phenomena of the black eyed kids. Timothy Alberino does a good job in explaining this subject and how it's played out on the internet. Of course, most people have a hard time discerning fact from fiction, because they don't have Godly discernment, and they simply don't want things like this to be true ( I wish they weren't true too by the way). 

Skeptics aside, this is a real phenomena happening in post Roswell America. Stories have surfaced of many people encountering these strange children who have completely black eyes and give a terrifying feeling to those whom they seek to enter into their houses or cars. They constantly want to be invited in. 

I've only heard of one incidence where one of these children was allowed to enter into a person's vehicle. The mother left her boy out in the car and went inside to pay the gas bill, and when she came back there was this black eyed kid in the back seat with her son. She was instantly terrified and told the kid to leave, finding out her son let him in because he needed a ride. 

This lady couldn't even drive the vehicle after this, and so called her husband who when he drove the vehicle home got into a near fatal car wreck. The family went on to have diseases and strange tragic happenings later on. 

These are demonic entities that seem to be the product of a breeding program of the fallen angels. These very well could be the off-spring of the "alien" abductions which have been occurring now for decades. Basically, these are not fully human children. 

Think about it, if this is a true phenomenon, then why are grown men and women so terrified of these children? If they were simply hoaxes with black contact lenses then why would the grown ups (sometimes big masculine men) be so scarred inside? 

From what I've heard, these kids don't approach blood bought born again Christians, but they approach people who aren't saved or back sliding from the faith in Jesus Christ. Rest assured though after these encounters these people are doing some serious soul searching and usually come to the faith in Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is the only way to stop alien abductions and these types of encounters, because these manifest demonic beings are simply from hell. 

Maybe you want to shrug this off and say it's just a myth. If it's not a myth, then it's real whether you wan to believe it or not. Don't wait until they show up on your doorstep to come to the faith in the savior Jesus Christ and be protected supernaturally from this kind of evil. Watch the video below and do some research into this and see for yourself. Just don't watch it alone at night, believe me it's not easy to shake this off. I only have looked into it because I'm covered in the blood of Jesus Christ. 

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