Thursday, December 4, 2014

eBook Review: The Worldly Anointing

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   I wanted to share with my Lowdown Truth Blog the latest eBook I've written called: The Worldly Anointing. Have you ever heard of this before? Well, even if you haven't, you are for sure familiar with what it is I'm talking about whether you agree with me or not. 

  Satan wants to confuse humans and make everything so complicated, but in reality we have to simply never give up on the truth and answering the questions we had when we were children, like what is the meaning of life? For those who never gave up on this question, they eventually have found Jesus Christ is the truth. Those who seek the truth and love the truth will find that Jesus Christ is the truth, praise God. 

   I know we live in a world full of lies, and truth isn't important to people anymore - at least that's what they think. In reality they have stopped thinking all-together, other than what the world tells them to think through the mainstream culture, education, and whatever else the New World Order Satanist control these days, which unfortunately seems like most of the Christian churches. 

  The worldly anointing is a counterfeit of the Holy Ghost anointing. They are opposite of each other, as the world is a enmity with God. Pride, lies, superficial vain thoughts, sin, and pragmatic wickedness to gain selfish goals are fruits of those who seek the worldly anointing. There could be no better two people to show than Obama and Oprah, which are in the eBook cover, as they have achieved this worldly anointing and are yet in more bondage than anyone else. 

  If you are interested in this topic and want to explore it with me more, buy the ebook from the link below or listen to the YouTube video where I discuss this more. The book is about 5,000 words long and has about 5 chapters. I pray it will bless you and help us seek and love the truth always, seeking the Holy Ghost anointing in our lives in this temporary world. God bless.

eBook: The Worldly Anointing

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