Thursday, January 29, 2015

Are You a Lover of the Truth?

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On the Hagmann and Hagmann Report, Doug and Joe often have that clip of Andy Rooney “If I were the Devil”, where he goes on to describe exactly what is going on in modern America. It's a good common sense way to approach what exactly the enemy of humanity may be up to. So let me add to this and say if I were the Devil in the Church, this is what I would do.

The first thing I would do would be to convince those who confess Jesus as their Christ that there is no real Devil, and that a Christian cannot have a demon. I would go as far as convincing them that there is no hell and even no sin. That sounds like the opposite of what the Bible says, but with the right mind control it has happened in many so called Churches.

I would also bring in manipulated Bibles and twist the scripture subtly at first, and then blatantly after they had lost their soundness of mind. Then I could convince them of basically anything I wanted to - like a secret pre-tribulation rapture where they'll get rescued from the great tribulation. This would disarm them from getting prepared for the end times, and make cowards out of them when trouble comes.

What it comes down to people is: do you have a love for the truth? If you are a truth seeker and love the truth, then you're going to be fine. In the end, you'll find Jesus Christ is that truth you've always loved.

I would rather hang out with a person who is honest and loves the truth, but isn't a professing believer – than a professing believer who doesn't love the truth. And if a person says they love Jesus, but isn't interested in the truth in all aspects of life and this world, then they don't know who Jesus is, cause he is the truth of everything!

For instance, say there is this watered down professing Christian who just goes on and on about how much they love Jesus. So, you start talking to them and you discern that they are luke-warm, you wonder if they are even born-again or if they are a lover of the truth. So, you ask them a question to test the Spirit and see if they are of God or not. The question you come up with is: what do you think about Joel Osteen?

If they say he is a good pastor and a wonderful Christian, then you mention to them the facts of his apostasy and see what they say THEN. If, when you present the many accounts of Joel Osteen's unBiblical views – they won't listen or aren't interested in the facts and they continue to support this apostate, then you can discern easily that they have not the Spirit of Truth in them. They have the spirit of error.

See how easy it is? You can ask many different questions like this one, but all you need to find out is if they love the truth or not. It's acceptable for a person to simply be deceived and be ignorant that Joel Osteen is an apostate, but when presented with the evidence and they outright reject it without any interest in the truth of it, then they have proven to not have the Spirit of Truth, which is Jesus Christ.

I say this coming from experience, because I too watched Joel Osteen 8 years ago with tears in my eyes. I read his books and bought extras to give away! Yet, if someone would have come up to me in love and in the Spirit of God and told me the facts about this apostate, then I would have at least been interested in looking into these claims. Why? Well, because I've always loved the truth above everything else.

I love the truth so much, that if I found out that Jesus Christ isn't the truth then I would stop believing in Him. My biggest obedience has always been to the truth, and nothing else matters. Only the truth will remain after the lies go away. After the illusion passes and fades, only the truth will REMAIN!

Just because a person says they love Jesus, doesn't mean they do. Do they love the truth? If you told them about the truths of the world we live in and they rejected what you're saying and instead believed Rush Limbutt, then are they lovers of the truth?

Honestly, I think the remnant church in America consist mostly of people who aren't even professing Christians yet, but they're simply people who love the truth. Personally, I can't stand hanging around people who profess they are Christians, but they aren't interested in the truth about all aspect of life and this world. To me, they're simply deceiving themselves and others who don't love the truth.

There are many truth seekers who want nothing to do with Christianity, because all they see is liars in the so called Church! I don't blame them, they are being honest. Someone who is honest and says they don't believe in the Bible, is much closer to God, then the person who says they believe but doesn't. Which one are you? Are you honest or a liar?

The person who loves the truth will desire nothing but the truth no matter what. If that means Christians can have a demon or that they'll have to be here through the great tribulations, then so be it. A person who doesn't love the truth, doesn't mind believing a lie if it gives them something they want. Hence, they don't want to believe they can have a demon and that they'll have to suffer, so like magic they say: I don't have a demon and I'm going to escape all suffering. Lies...

Anyone who simply looks at people today, including born-again Christians who love the truth, will see they have demons, curses, and soul ties. It's obvious that in the scriptures many people who believed in Jesus had demons they needed cast out. Believing in Jesus wasn't enough to get delivered from demons, they needed deliverance! Over and over there are examples throughout the Gospels!

Just as over and over it's blatantly obvious that there is no pre-trib rapture! Someone is either ignorant and hasn't been approached with the truth, or they simply don't love the truth enough to look into it and believe the truth- to continue with this blatant doctrine of demons.

Remember, there can only be one truth! Not trillions of truths, only ONE TRUTH!

So, either you have a love of the one truth, or you don't. Which one are you?  


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