Thursday, March 5, 2015

Cable TV = Satanic NWO Propaganda

The obvious all seeing eye of Satan cc from wikimedia

Why is it so hard for people to believe that everything on cable television is controlled propaganda by a very limited group of rich elite? And if people do understand this, then why is it so hard to understand that these rich elite have evil intentions toward the common man, and they're using cable television to further this goal? Just look at the programs and commercials on cable TV, and see what kind of fruit they produce – this is evidence enough.

I realized that 90% of Americans anymore don't even consider news events and are completely apathetic towards any news that doesn't directly affect them. They simply pick and choose which program they want to become brainwashed by, and call themselves and individual. Out of the other 10% who actually do pay attention to the news in the world, 90% are watching the mainstream news sources to get their information, and this includes “conservative” talk radio. So, that leads to one percent of people who look towards alternative news on-line, and out of this one percent, about half of them are listening to dis-info agents who are misdirecting them from the actual solutions and facts.

Even this half of a percent who are listening to sincere factual alternative news is too much for the New World Order, as they now seek to control the Internet through the FCC. Again, most people are too apathetic to notice, and even if all the truthful news was censored, they wouldn't notice anyway, as long as they can look at porn for free they don't mind.

Cable television and conservative AM talk radio produce a certain kind of idiotic robot. The people who do watch news and keep up on the propaganda actually think they are ahead of the game, and if they hear anything different than the mainstream sources - they in unison protest with the common taught rebuke.

It's surely frustrating to those who do love the truth and know what is going on. Really it comes down to if a person loves the truth or not, Jesus Christ is that truth. The truth also pertains to every aspect of life, so if you say you love Jesus Christ, then you must love the truth of politics, history, culture, etc.

These percentages are ones I came up with as an estimation. From what I've noticed since I became awakened to the New World Order 5 years ago, there are about 1 out of a 1000 people who have a sound mind, understand what is going on in the world, and are born again Christians. This figure might even be too generous.

Yet, it's common sense to come up with the obvious conclusion that the mainstream culture is owned by a very limited amount of evil people who have nefarious intentions for humanity. People can't see this obvious evil because their hearts have been darkened from their ignorance. They are suffering from a strong delusion because they love not the truth. Basically, it's a spell that is over people in mass, so they can't see obvious truths in their face. They can no longer judge evil from good. Although, evil is easy to detect, as it always leads to destruction and self-centered hedonism. The law of God is written in our hearts, and the Bible is the absolute standard we can find discernment from. 

I'm going to put a Stan Montieth video below for you to watch if you want to gain an understanding about what I'm talking about. Stan died in September 2014 after over 50 years of intense research about the true history of the world and what manifestations it's taken today. If you haven't took the time to look into Stan's work, you should.  

Stan Montieth at the Granada Forum

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