Thursday, March 26, 2015

Some Insight Into Wikileaks (Controlled Opposition)

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 Much of what I've learned about Wikileaks is from Paul McGuire. I'll surmise here:

 Wikileaks was created by a man called Julian Assage. Assage is working for the same people he is acting as though are his enemies. This is how the New World Order works (deception Satan). Julian was actually born in Germany as part of the Lebensborn project. 

  The Lebensborn project was Hitler's attempt to create the superior Ayrian race. Hundreds of thousands of children were born in controlled environment in Germany in the 30's and 40's. Julian is one of them. These children were taught in the satanic occult practices of which Hilter was part of himself. 

   From my understanding Julian's mother was the leader of a cult in Australia.He was likely raised as a mind controlled satanically abused child - to do the work of the New World Order. There are millions of these Illuminati and Illuminati workers throughout the world. 

   You have to understand that the satanic ruling elite own all the media outlets. They wouldn't let anything on the mainstream news channels without their permission, nothing. 
As part of the deception, they like people to think there is a healthy opposition to their corrupt dealings in the world. The intelligence agencies such as the CIA create controlled opposition to misdirect people who are on to the truth- to reach the wrong conclusion and then be confused and thus they defeat all opposition. 

cc from wikipedia
The 911 truth movement is one such example. Another was Occupy Wall Street. These are controlled opposition movements, which seem to be organically created and involve many useful idiots who think it's real, but in reality they control it from the infiltrated leadership. 

  Wikileaks is controlled opposition. Julian Assage is a mind controlled Illuminati worker who was raised in a satanic cult and as part of the Lebensborn project. Conclusion, Wikileaks is helping the New World Order come to fruition and enslave humanity.

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