Saturday, April 11, 2015

Join Coach Dave's Team Christians!

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Coach Dave Doubenmire was a guest on the Hagmann and Hagmann Report last Thursday April 9th. On the program he was calling out to the remnant Christians in America to join the team he is trying to organize to counter the enemy who is trying to take down true Bible believing Christianity in America. You can do this by leaving your email on his website Pass The Salt

Coach is a very honest and upfront man who loves Jesus Christ and hates evil. Cowardice is evil, doing nothing when evil is trampling all over everything that is Holy is evil. And because the cemetery trained pastors are too busy looking at porn and counting their money - well, someone had to organize some resistance. How can we even compete on the manifested battlefields in America when we don't even have a team!

Well, join the team and we can be alerted by Coach Dave when there is a battle that needs our attention. When there is another establishment being overrun by the LGBT militant haters of God, or the deceitful sick Satanist trying to give literature to our children in the public indoctrination centers called schools. 

He sends an alert and we do what we can in the areas we are stationed in (where we live). If all we can do is pray and write a blog, then do it. If all we can do is call our politicians and start a petition, then do it. If we can go down to the battle and protest and make our presence known then do it. 

For instance, Kent Hovind had a trial just a month ago that thankfully only ended with a hung jury. He has to go back to court in May I believe and see what they are going to injustly do then. Kent has been in prison for near a decade for no reason except he makes people who believe in macro evolution look like idiots!
Yet, there were only a few people there to support him and from what I heard they were not from that area. With churches all over America, why is the LGBT, Satanist, and Godless Government running over us without any opposition!

Let's give Coach Dave our email and report for duty Christians. Let's stand up and support those businesses who say they don't want to bake a cake for some queer wedding, let's say hell no to those weirdo cowardly satanist who want to give out their hellish literature to children. Let's be ready for the alerts and do what we can, with Jesus on our side we might be surprised by what we can accomplish even though we are foolish and nothing in the eyes of the world.

And guess who else may be surprised - the enemies of Jesus Christ. 

Coach Dave's Website: Pass The Salt

The Hagmann and Hagmann Report show with Dave Doubenmire

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