Tuesday, April 28, 2015

The Religious Freedom Restoration Act in Indiana Sparks Outrage with Christians

Indiana Statehouse cc from wikipedia

On Monday the Salt and Light Brigade showed up in Indianapolis to support the Indiana's Pastor Alliance to express outrage at the recent backing down to the LGBT activists - the Governor Mike Pence of Indiana did- in allowing the LGBT mafia to thwart and change the Religious Freedom's Restoration Act for the worse. Instead of passing a bill to protect Christian businesses to simply practice their faith by denying homosexual request to cater to their gay weddings (basically), the Governor and the majority Republican Indiana Legislator passed some LGBT friendly legislation which further erodes America's and Indiana's Christian business owners from freely being able to practice their faith. 

You know the drill, the LGBT activist who are basically funded and supported by the New World Order Satanist go into a Christian business (not Muslim businesses) and ask them to bake a cake or take pictures for their so called gay wedding. Then when the business says no thank you it's against our Bible to do so, well then they get sued, threatened with death or injury, put out of business, and even threatened with hate crimes for jail time. All of this is unconstitutional and just plain cowardly weirdness, but us Christians understand this is ultimately the working of Satan and his minions who hate the Holy Bible of which we believe and follow. 

The couple of video clips below show some more on this event. Over a 150 people showed up including some of the Salt and Light Brigade (or is it Counsel?), anyway Coach Dave Daubenmire's Team, remember?! Have you signed up for the team yet Christian? They showed up in Indianapolis at the Statehouse and rallied together to state their case, which is a very reasonable and justified one. Although, it hasn't yet so far sunk into the ears and hearts of the politicians who folded to the pressure of the Nazi tyrant federal government. All we are asked to do from God is show up, pray, do what we can as soldiers of Jesus Christ. 

As a reminder, today is the day the Supreme Court is ruling on Same Sex Marriage. Be sure to pray about this. If they make LGBT marriage a human right, then the satanically inspired federal government leadership will make it unlawful for every state to not accept Gay marriage, and thus refusing to embrace Gay marriage in every way will become a crime for Christians (not the Muslims in USA though). This is obviously the working of Satan and those that are possessed with demons (which Muslims and LGBT people have in common)! 

Check out the clips below, the first one is some local news coverage where a Salt and Light Counsel shirt is even seen! The second shows a Pastor speaking very well about the cause of Jesus Christ and our rights as citizens of America. In the middle of this video a homosexual woman goes in front  the stage rudely disrupting the speech and saying everyone was hateful and all the usual lies, but instead of getting mad, the pastor gave her a hug and told her he loved her! Amazing, these end times are really heating up, but those that are in Jesus Christ are also heating up with their love and patience - having the mind of Christ! Amen...

Join the team Christians, pray and let's do what we can to help these small battles all over the country. We have to attempt to stand in the gap and do the work of the Lord Jesus Christ in these evil wicked end times. And hey, this is our precious country too, we can not let our country and our beloved states get taken over so easily without a fight!

Pass the Salt Ministries Website to Join the Team

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