Friday, April 10, 2015

Why Are They Obsessed With The Holy Bible?

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This post is going to ask a question which is related to a previous article I wrote called “Why Do They Hate Jesus Christ?”. The question this time is: Why Are They Obsessed With The Holy Bible?

They are the non-believers in America, Europe, Canada, and Australia. I'll be talking about America because that is where I live, but in general this is the situation for all of Western Civilization. America is no longer a Christian nation, this I'll admit to with sadness. This country was founded by Christians and has been a Christian nation in the mainstream cultural and social perspective, but we all know this has changed in the last 50 years especially.

Of course there are still tens of millions of people who claim to be a Christian, but in reality there is only a very small remnant who actually take the Holy Bible seriously and are part of the born-again remnant. If I had to guess at the numbers as it stands, I would say it's about 2-5 million of Americans who are past the age of accountability (which varies likely depending on the person – generally 15 and over) who are born-again believers in Jesus Christ and believe all of the Holy Bible.

Without getting into all the news stories and instances of the repression and persecution of Christianity, I'll say clearly, the mainstream culture and the leaders of our society are nearly all haters of the Holy Bible. They not only don't believe in it, but they actually hate it. This can be seen by their approval of all other religious beliefs, yet their vehement opposition (or quiet allowance of it's repression and persecution) of the Holy Bible.

Now, I must admit I know exactly why this is happening, but I want to pose the question to point out the absurdity of the stance they are taking in their actions and thoughts towards the Holy Bible. Now we must note that the Holy Bible in the English speaking language is the King James 1611 Authorized Version. Just keep in mind that just because someone says they are a Christian doesn't mean they are. In fact the percentage of those who are false Christians is likely somewhere around 95% in my humble estimation – this in America.

I'm also not going to go in to detail about the conspiracy that is underway to destroy Christianity, but suffice it to say, if you say you are a Christian, you should well understand that Satan is trying to destroy true Biblical faith. Satan doesn't mind if you worship a false Jesus, just as long as you don't believe in the Holy Bible in it's entirety.

OK, so let's think like the "far superior" secular humanist new ager – who now is the majority in America. They believe that the Holy Bible is a fairy tale basically, some book written by some insecure males who wanted to repress women and control people. Really, their analysis doesn't go much further than that. I mean, if you just give the sinner something to validate their sin, they are largely all in. So, the hedonist secular humanist rules the mainstream culture and society making great headway in destroying all the vestiges of Christianity from the public sector and even in the churches themselves.
Bravo brainwashed masses, so now let me ask this: Why are you obsessed with the Holy Bible still?

Now, don't deny it. It's obvious that Christianity is very much still the center of all talking points, debates, discussion, questions, and every point of thought when coming to spirituality (and simply life itself). Of course now instead of people believing in it and accepting Jesus Christ as their savior, they are dogging it and talking about how it's wrong and false. But, if it's just some irrelevant book written by liars, then why don't they just forget about it? I mean Christianity is all but gutted out of society – so there really is no opposition to your secular thoughts? So, why do you continually think about the Holy Bible even to simply talk bad about it?

Of course, they'll say they don't think about it, but in my humble opinion this is a lie. I'll try to point out some examples. I've written at a handful of article writing site, am part of a handful of social sites, talk to various people in person, and keep up on the news in the world and the country as well as the culture. Hubpages for example in their question and answer section and forum always have topics and questions dealing with Christianity. I hardly ever see questions about any other religion or faith. I mean considering most people are secular humanist hedonist new agers, it would make sense that the topics and questions are mostly about those things, but they aren't. I would say nearly half of all topics and questions there are about Christianity. Of course almost always they are negative towards the real faith. Of course, blogging and article writing sites (basically the social Internet at large) largely consist of the liberal woman. Men are largely watching porn or playing video games...

The same thing with sites like Webanswers and Yahoo answers. And in general just the articles written at sites like Hubpages, Wizzely, Allvoices, Daily Two Cents, Persona Paper, and on and on – this same trend is apparent. Christianity, although a fairy tale to most people – is the most discussed topic in America- easily! I would say Christianity takes up more than half of all topic discussion matter in every segment of society and culture!

Amazing isn't it? I mean here we are a nation with absolutely zero representation of true Christianity in the mainstream culture or public education – and yet instead of dropping the whole subject of this fairy tale, they are absolutely obsessed with the Holy Bible continually. I mean by all means don't believe it if you don't want (no one will chop your head of for it unlike some people), but tell me:


If someone could answer this question adequately I would be much obliged. Oh, and just to note, this topic will be very interesting to them, very, very interesting – but why? It's just some fairy tale right!?

Truth is, the Holy Bible is the Word of the one and only God who created every one of us, and if we reject this book (even in part), which is Jesus Christ, then we'll die and go to hell. If we accept Jesus Christ as our savior, confess our sins, then we can spend eternity in heaven – and live in truth in this fallen world. That is the reason why the common brainwashed secular humanist new ager is so obsessed with the Holy Bible, simple.

Read the article “Why Do They Hate Jesus Christ” for more insight into this conundrum.  

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