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Kent Hovind Out of Prison, Praise Jesus! (Update August 10th, 2015)

Kent Hovind's Mug Shot cc from wikipedia

 Update: 8/10/15

    Kent has been out of prison now for about a month, he is on home confinement restrictions with some bracelet he has to wear from awhile because of the probation period. Well, praise Jesus for Kent being home with his family! Yea....Yea...

    We do have to savor these praise reports, and thank God always. Kent is teaching through his YouTube channel. He does long teachings and question and answer sessions which are already blessing the Christian remnant community. Although we all have differing views on some things, the commonality we have is a sincere belief in the Holy Bible in it's inspired King James Version form for English speaking peoples. 

      Just wanted to update this blog post which was written May 5th, so already a few months old. Time goes quickly in the end days, and even more when you are getting older...

      Here is his YouTube Channel Link:
Kent Hovind OFFICIAL YouTube Channel


(Update May 17th, 2015)

I received a couple emails from the Salt and Light Brigade commander and was informed that the trial for Kent Hovind set to start tomorrow has officially been dismissed and all charges dropped! Amen, Praise God in Jesus!

This is very good news for our dear friend and brother! Can you imagine, now we can hear Dr. Hovind as a guest on our favorite radio programs, we can hear more great lectures about his teachings, and best of all he can see his family grow up and be a part of their lives as a free man! This is truly a praise report.

We, the Salt and Light Brigade and those Christians who prayed and shed light on this injustice have been instrumental in petitioning God for this victory. There was only one juror who wouldn't go along with the charges to send Kent to Prison for life! Because of that one juror, the trial was hung and now the charges have been dropped! Amen...

If you haven't yet joined the Salt and Light Brigade, in which Coach Dave Daubenmire set up, then go to: Pass the Salt Ministry to sign up, God bless and let's get ready for the next battle and thank God for this very precious brother's freedom. 


(May 11th, 2015)

Kent Hovind has been in prison for bogus IRS chrages for the better part of a decade, and now the Anti-Christ elements of America in the judicial system and politically have charged the Christian man with more bogus charges including mail fraud - in an effort to keep Kent in prison for the rest of his life. Considering he is a young middle aged man this is absolutely crazy. 

The Salt and Light Brigade is on it. Coach Dave has been emailing the brigade for the last week giving us updates and marching orders. The trail is going to start on May 18th (a week from today), and could last up to a couple weeks. 

If you haven't heard of the Salt and Light Brigade, then you need to go to - Pass the Salt Ministries and sign up for this born-again Christian remnant group of believers who are committed to doing everything we can to help counter the forces of evil in America through prayer, boots on the ground, financial support, writing and calling officials, and whatever other specialty you may have to bring to the battles that come. Coach Dave is coordinating the brigade through an email list to battle wherever in America there is a need. If this battle is in your city, then maybe you can show up and be heard directly, if not maybe you can pray...

Maybe you know who Kent Hovind is, and you understand that he is basically a political prisoner in America who is in prison for simply being an effective Christian. Kent is a creationist who lectured for years and debated macro evolutionist. His God given talent for this subject gave him a very definitive edge against the religious belief in macro-evolution and basically he made people realize macro evolution is a total lie and is being propagandized for the New World Order to implement it's plan to turn the world into a God hating Satanic cult who worships the image of the beast. 

Kent's videos are still all over YouTube and he has saved hundreds of souls in prison by leading them to the Lord Jesus Christ. He is a mighty man of God who is simply being held captive by liberal God haters who are in charge of the judicial system he is currently being subjected to. 

Please pray, support,  and be a part of this trail set to take place starting May 18th. Kent has served 9 years or so in prison for merely withdrawing money out of his bank to pay his employees. When you look into this case, you'll see the charges are absolutely ludicrous. If enough people show up at this trail in Pensacola, Florida - then we can help our brother in Christ get free of the beast system in his time of need. It's a real tragedy what they have done already, and this is a fight that has implications for all Christians in America.

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