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What Really Happened in New Orleans After Hurricane Katrina?

cc from wikimedia New Orleans after the Bombing of Levees

Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans on August 29th 2005, the worst of the storm came through after midnight and started dying down around 7am about. Although the storm did cause some minor flooding and some building damages, for the most part New Orleans and the Levees held up very well through what turned out to be a category 4 hurricane when it hit.

So, if the hundred thousand people who decided to stay in New Orleans and ride out the storm – rode it out without too much trouble, then why the big story about New Orleans and Hurricane Katrina? That's a question most people never asked and still haven't asked even ten years later today. It's a question I finally asked after reading a book at random called Voices From the Storm. This was a book which detailed 13 people's accounts of their experience during this ordeal. I went on to investigate further and found what really happened is far from the official story so many blindly believe.

I'm simply a perceived white man from Oregon, but nevertheless I love the Lord Jesus Christ who is the truth, so I therefor love the truth. The truth is always so much more interesting than the lie so many believe for their own selfish reasons, not the least of which means they will fit in more readily in this controlled society ran by Jesuits. Although I'm not an expert about this tragedy, I am convinced of one thing - and that thing is what puts the puzzle pieces together - so therefor is the most relevant truth about Katrina.

What really happened in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina is simple: the New World Order blew up the levees and flooded the mostly black people out of their city. Around 9am that Monday morning there were explosions at the levees and then a 10 ft wave rushed into the lower 9th ward and flooded and destroyed 100,000 homes and led to 1577 deaths according to Wikipedia.

There were many witnesses who heard the levees blow up. These were people who lived very close to where the 4 areas of the levees which were bombed. There were seven reported explosions.

I'm going to put my video below this post for those who want to hear more detail about this. I'm not doing an in depth post here because there already is a couple in depth videos below that I will include if you want to prove this to yourself.

The most telling part of this bombing was how the tens of thousands of mostly black New Orleans residents were treated after the bombing of the levees and the destruction of their homes. Over 80% of the city was flooded. These people did not receive food, water, or medical supplies until 5-6 days later on Friday and Saturday. They were brought to the Superdome, the Convention Center, and on overpasses in the middle of the city and left without help for as long as 5-6 days. Many weren't rescued from their homes for two to three days. And most of the people were rescued by other New Orleans residents who found random boats around the city, as well as the city police and coast guard.

FEMA and homeland security actually were stopping supply trucks from going into the city to provide aid, and the neighboring city Gretna Police were stopping any residents from New Orleans from going across the only bridge out of New Orleans so they could get help. The people at the Superdome and the Convention Center were not allowed to leave although there was no running water or electricity the whole time.

The Governor Blanco gave shoot to kill orders to the national guard and the police aimed at the looters, who most of the time were people just trying to get supplies to survive. The Mayor was in a different city taking it easy the whole time except for yelling once on a radio show. No-one helped these people get water or food for nearly a week when temperatures were over a 100 degrees out!

Can you see the point I'm trying to make here? This is what happened, it was a social experiment conducted on the black people of New Orleans. These people who were stuck there rode out the storm with no problem (as did the levees) and then they were bombed and flooded, then they were starved and deprived of basic help for nearly a week. The Governor and the Mayor did nothing, the President did nothing, FEMA held people back from helping, Homeland Security did the same. This was a purposeful attack on the mostly black people in New Orleans.

New Orleans was a city which had a 70% black population. They had a thriving culture and many of them owned their own homes and were basically middle class black people. They had been there for generations, and the New World Order Satanic White elite can't stand black people in general, and they for sure can't stand black middle class people who have a strong positive culture. Another thing I must add is there is a strong Christian black population there in New Orleans as well as seen in Spike Lee's documentary "When the Levees Broke".

The injustices that went on after Hurricane Katrina and are still going on their 10 years later are too numerous to number. The point of this post is to simply point out to you what happened. These were not poor ignorant black people who were leaching off the government and wanted to be taken care of! No, these were middle class black home owners who had a rich culture and a strong black presence in a deeply historical American city. The New World Order wanted to take them out because they always destroy Christian people because the New World Order is the Jesuit Vatican inquisition. They hate Bible believers and they hate black people. Just as a side note, they could also be clearing New Orleans out because it is going to be a staging point for a coming invasion as well. They can't have a strong black population there to resist their coming take over.

This is a not a tragedy caused by a natural disaster, but rather this was an act of aggression against American citizens by a foreign enemy which has infiltrated our government and used the government of the USA to rule over us with Satanic goals and means in mind to control us into complete slavery. Take Katrina as a Beta testing example for what is coming to a neighborhood near you if we don't wake up, repent and come back to Jesus Christ with the understanding that the Vatican and the Jesuits are the manifest enemy of humanity as they have always been in their different forms starting with a snake in the garden. Watch the videos, remember the fallen and resist the propaganda history they feed you.  

Spike Lee's Documentary "When the Levees Broke" Pt. 1+2:

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