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Walid and Theodore Shoebat Catholic Connection

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Execution of Mariana de Carabajal

In the video below this post you will hear Theodore Shoebat ask a caller "What was wrong with the Inquisition?" three times. He goes on in the show to explain why the Inquisition was actually a good thing! And get this, no-one on the show disagrees with him, not Doug or Joe Hagmann, not his father Walid Shoebat, and not Sheila Zelinski.

This show was 11 months ago on the Hagmann and Hagmann Report with Sheila Zelinski, this was when she was doing the Weekend Report - which by the way didn't work out for some strange reason??

I'll tell you what though, no one- and I mean no one - would come on my radio show and say the Inquisition was a good thing! That person would get an earful from me and I might add those are fighting words!

Walid and Theodore show their hand in this show, they also explain that Alberto Rivera was a Fraud! What gall these Catholics have!

There is no doubt in my mind that Walid and Theodore (his 24 year old son), are working directly for the Vatican. They are playing on the hatred Americans have for the Muslims and also misdirecting Protestants from the fact that the Vatican and the Roman Catholic Church is the Women who rides the Beast, and the Great Whore- and also that the Papacy and the Pope is the Anti-Christ himself! This is their Jesuit mission and they are doing it well, but this Protestant has shined the light on their darkness and they are EXPOSED.

As for everyone who allows these Inquisitors on their show to spew their Catholic propaganda, well you can make your decision about them. I know Rick Wiles loves having Walid Shoebat on his show, and so does Knight of Malta Bill O'Rielly- which is no surprise. Walid is actually very main-stream, so obviously not a threat to the New World Order which is the Revived Roman Catholic Harlot.

Just keep in mind Doug Hagmann did go to Catholic seminary...and Rick Wiles worked for TBN... as for Sheila- who knows where she came from out of the blue about a year ago, I've always been suspicious of her though. All I know, is in this show no-one questioned the Shoebats with their outrageous shameful words about how the Inquisition was a good thing! That to me implies something for sure.

Check out my recent video as well about Rick Wiles Catholic Connection and be on the look out for more Catholic Connections to come. Don't be fooled my Protestant believers, the Inquisition killed hundreds of millions of our fellow brothers and sisters, saints of God who believed in the Holy Bible and Jesus Christ. Anyone saying anything to shame the name of those martyrs should be called to account for their grievous error!

Here is the link to the original show if you want to listen for yourself- the part exposed is at 2hr 45 min.


  1. Hey Robbie, I listened to this show and that "what was wrong with the inquisition" statement was a shock to me. Then more and more of their articles are Catholic apologetic pieces. Clearly the Shoebats are just one stealthy weapon in Vatican's arsenal.

  2. They are really defending the Roman Catholic Church stating that Paul's letter to Rome (Romans) was for this church. Satan hates Rome because it is a city whose church is beloved by God and destined to be saints. I do not say this from my own authority, but from the blessed Apostle Paul, who wrote these words to the Church of Rome:

    To all that be in Rome, beloved of God, called to be saints: Grace to you and peace from God our Father, and the Lord Jesus Christ. (Romans 1:7)

    When reading these words, we must keep in mind that St. Paul is writing to the Church of Rome, that is, the Roman Catholic Church. For those who affirm that I am wrong, I ask you kindly, if Romans is not being written to the Roman Catholic Church, then which church is it being written to? And where today can I find this church?

    1. Thanks for those comments Abel, very true, there is no doubt these two are working for the Vatican. Walid and his son both say that Alberto Rivera was a fraud, that is enough right there to know they are not sincerely Christians. God bless.

    2. This reference to Romans 1:7 is yet another common "Catholic" Apologetic ploy used by the Papists to uphold their Ultramontane theory that the Church of Rome is the mother and mistresses of all other churches. The Papist teaches that the honor of being beloved of God and called to be saints ... is a special peculiar prerogative of the Church of Rome, just as though all other churches had been _de jure Divino_ (i.e. by divine law) denied this same privilege (!), and therefore the Church of Rome is entitled a supremacy of honor and jurisdiction which the Divinely Revealed Law has unconditionally denied to other churches!!!!

      No, my brethren! Rome was not the beginning and end of all the other churches! The mother of all the other churches was the Church at Jerusalem, not Rome!

      "The Mother Church was the Church at Jerusalem, which was in existence long before the Church at Rome had any being. At Jerusalem Jesus Christ himself preached: there the Apostles first planted Christianity (Acts i.4; A.D. 33); and thence was the Gospel sent forth to be preached to all nations (Luke xxv. 47.) Therefore, not Rome but Jerusalem should claim the precedency, and be 'the mother of all Churches.' The Church at Samaria was founded next to the Church at Jerusalem (Acts viii; A.D. 34); and then the Churches at Cyprus and Phenice, and at Antioch, by those Christians who were dispersed in consequence of the persecution which followed the martyrdom of Stephen (Acts xi. 19—21). In short, not a single writer ever affirmed that Rome is ‘the mother of all Churches.’ On the contrary, the majority of the Bishops who were convened atthe second General Council of Constantinople, expressly gave that appellation to Jerusalem, in their letter to Damasus, Bishop of the Church in Jerusalem, 'which is the mother of all the Churches." Horne’s Popery Delineated, London, 1848, pp. 211, 212.

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    1. Catholic Music Ads, wow, slick yet obvious. Not sure what to think with that comment.

  4. Now Walid hates evangelicals.

  5. yeah, he's a poseur. He recently banned me after I asked a a few of my Catholic inquisitors on his site a simple question: 'What is the gospel that you trust for your eternal salvation?'

    Including Walid--who instead of offering any sort of answer, just slurred me, called different iterations of "dog"..

    he's phony. His animosity toward evangelicals is palpable. He asserts himself some sort of theologian--which is frankly absurd. He cannot communicate, regarding theology/sound doctrine, on any apparent level.

  6. for what it's worth, here are a few of my 'offensive' posts that Shoebat deleted-- the dude is an odd duck:

    Discussion on Walid Shoebat 524 comments
    The Evangelical Movement Is Filled With Evil And Demonic Lies, And Is Filled With Satanic Propaganda Against The Catholic Church

    DanlBoone Walid Shoebat a day ago

    oh, so I guess asking someone what informs their lively hope of eternal life is an illegal question in your mind..

    I wonder why that is.

    What is the gospel that saves you, Mr. Shoebat?
    DanlBoone Walid Shoebat a day ago

    no.. I came here to read about Islam atrocities which aren't widely reported. I encountered your indictment of "the Evangelical movement".. all postured in a papist posture on your part.

    and you said:

    "The other side can argue ""I am a Protestant," you have not told me that you are a Christian."

    which is what I already said. That's why I've tried to put religiosity aside and focus on the gospel--which we should [should] have in common..

    but, I haven't found any common ground. No one has told me what is the gospel that saves us. Most didn't reply, or just spit in my eye, so to speak.

    One individual referred to the golden rule, another copy/pasted from a Roman source..

    if you think that asking a professed Catholic what is the gospel that saves us is harassment, then I don't know what to tell you. you're simply wrong.

    I'd read your site before, and admired your efforts--I had no idea that you were running a Roman Catholic site attacking evangelical Christians..

    leaves me blinkin' like a toad in hailstorm over here. you can go ahead and ban me if that's what you're inclined to do; I wouldn't care.. that's your business.

    I had no idea of your animosity toward non-Roman Christians.. it's a real surprise.. a real disappointment.

    1. Interesting Danlboone, thanks for sharing. Validates what I'm saying for sure. The interesting thing is that Rick Wiles, Quayle and the Hagmanns area ll very friendly with Wallid and have him on regularly. Personally, I believe they are suspect as well to say it mildly. Theodore is at least a little more raw and gives it away easier - his pa is much better at hiding his Catholic faith, that's what 25-35 years of Jesuit training will do...

  7. If you are serious about seeking out who the Jesuit supporters are you will note they often argue against any Catholic Critisism. Wallis would not print a comment I made on his site when I write
    Wallis you left one cult to go through a revolving door into Catholicism
    The new books that attempt to call them selves bibles all herald from the siniaticus vaticanus Alexandriaus codex
    Perverting Yahwehs word with corupt teaching collected by Tishendorf a pope buddy that has swindled the Prodestant church of truth.
    Do not be fooled as Jesuits are all throughout the evangelical denominations being trained by theological cemeteries.


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