Saturday, October 31, 2015

Are You Going to Believe the Bible, or the Papacy and/or Deceived Futurist?

This are great videos below to gain an understanding of true prophecy, and to dis-spell the lie of a future Anti-Christ to come. The Anti-Christ is already here and has been here since 538 A.D.

This is the simple true interpretation of the Holy Bible seen obviously through history, and is the interpretation that all the Christians have had since Jesus died and rose again. Only in the last couple hundred years has this future Anti-Christ lie prophecy become mainstream in a Jesuit infiltrated ecumenical American.

America in 1776 was founded for the purpose of allowing Catholics to gain ground in a majority Protestant country which wouldn't allow Catholics to hold office or worship their superstitious and idol worshiping religion which always persecuted the saints of God- and still does.

We all are going to be accountable in the end with God, whether we believe the Holy Bible or the Anti-Christ and his manifold lies such as macro evolution, big bang theory, atheism, new age spiritualism, and every other false religion and doctrine other than the truth, the Holy Bible. Mystery Babylon is the Roman Catholic Church which manifests every false teaching and demonic worship since the serpent in the Garden of Eden.

Come out of her my people...

This is a great presentation of this truth of which even the remnant of God in American hardly know. If you think futurist like Alex Jones, the Hagmanns, Steve Quayle, Paul McGuire, Tom Horn, Eric Jon Phelps, David Lankford, Gary Stearman, L.A. Marzulli, or even Russ Dizdar know anything about prophecy- then you have been shorted of the truth- Futurist like them and the many others on their shows and like them (whether sincere or not)- are ignorant of this simple prophecy interpretation of which all the Christians before us since Jesus knew to be true. 

They need to wake up and stop telling the Futurist prophecy lie and start exposing the true power that rules the world and that will play out in the future- the Papacy and the Roman Catholic Church there at the Vatican City in Rome, Italy. Truly, all roads lead to Rome in this Beast system, where you will find the seat of Satan and the Vatican Jesuit New World Order at the Root. 

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