Monday, October 26, 2015

Poor Roadkill, So Peaceful and Silent...

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Driving down the highway, then get on the Interstate, see some poor dead animal here and there - didn't make it to the other side. The raccoons, beavers, oppossums, cats, dogs, deer, or whatever lovely or unlovely creature they were- they simply got in the way of progress- 

or did they. 

Progress, yeah right, if this is progress we are surely insane- which 99.99% surely are-insane that is...

The broad road to destruction, wow, the narrow way seems to be even more narrow than a fairway at the U.S. know the trophy with Jezebel on top- which all the ignorant golfers kiss like it's a Good thing. Such it is, although they can hit that narrow fairway, they still may just miss the mark with Jesus Christ. 

So many will be there with them in hell for sure. Why, well, we live in a fallen world...

It's not like it's hard to get saved, Jesus did the hard work, problem is people love lies instead of the truth. 
The truth isn't cool, the truths is uncomfortable to the majority of people, and I mean the super duper majority. Like wow majority, so many ignorant deceived people it's a outright tragedy, and that for sure. 

What a tragedy to burn in hell for eternity just because people wanted to sin and live this really really dumb life we call progress. 

Cars always riding my bumper, freaking out, they must have something important they are doing- maybe their wife is pregnant or they are trying to get to the hospital for some lost limb- they turn ahead of me at the Dairy Queen- after they pass me flipping me off and nearing colliding with me and killing us and a few others- maybe even some poor beaver- Geezzz, this world is really in trouble. 

The girls, whores, sluts, whatever they are- the brainwashed harlots walking around naked when they get even a sliver of sunlight from a rainy patch in the week- who they trying to impress? Don't they feel uncomfortable dressed in their underwear to simply go to a college classroom. What are they doing in these class rooms when most of the woman/girls/females are naked? What madness, the super duper majority- 

Oh yeah this is women's rights, this is the fruits of the feminist movement. Maybe if they had a good heart behind their public nakedness, but merely this blank stare- this Jezebel in the making- waiting for some dupe to have sex with her so she can exclaim her victim-hood when he treats her like a slut and doesn't call her after he defiles her in the worst way. Geez, who would of guessed. Maybe call Dad and Mom and ask for a vacation and sort it out with some pills and some Oprah- that will help, then drive crazy and try to ram some poor honest laborer trying to feed his Christian family. Sound like progress. 

How do we even come close to explaining this America, this world thing going down. All roads lead to Rome better believe it- Vatican New World Order- Satanic hatred for all of humanity- the Anti-Christ Papacy ruling over all the world and everyone who has any stature is surely kissing his beastly TOE. 

Oh geez, so simple, so ugly out here, getting so dark- in fact so dark indeed! Even the so called remnant are half blind, they teeter on the verge of political correctness, please don't raid my ministry like the Alamo ministry- please.. we won't call the Roman Catholic Church the Harlot that rides the beast- we won't teach true history and tell people the sick horrid things you've done and do- please just don't raid our ministries with guns and take away our children like you did with the Alamo Ministries...

Road kill, these poor animals, wonder what they think about these freak humans running around like chickens with their heads cut off- clueless- ignorant fools beating their fellow humans into the grave just to get a parking spot- what a sorry  world this is. Personally I can't wait to die and go to heaven. I know there is work to do, but geez heaven sounds so good about now...

Can you image these poor people rushing around on their pills and dreaming of their fornication- this world is all the hope they have? Wow, what a sorry people they must be, and surely are...

I can see it in their eyes, their soul is possessed, they are given over and devoid of natural affection- they are desperate and willing to kill you if you get in the way of their 10 cent raise! They are like animals rabid and hungry! Looking about on who they can falsely bear witness too, who will pay them the most to sell their souls! Sadly, sadly, sadly, American dies a death in front of our eyes. 

The only life is in the born-again believers who know who their enemy is. Those who are ignorant of their enemy are holding hands with them (ecumenicalist)- they don't know the voice of the Good Shepherd
 for he is screaming Get Out of Her My People!

Rome, the roads, leading, to the Rome the big thing you don't understand or know- the Rome thing- the big inquisition, the murders, rapes, the Rome Catholic thing, the Anti-Christ Papacy, that thing ol'Billy didn't tell you about and still doesn't while he eats his Grahm crackers, he is a cracker jack- and what pops up is Rome- always Rome- the enemy of humanity and God. Oh help us Jesus. 

The life is in Jesus Christ- Jesus Christ is the Word of God, the Word of God is in the King James Version 1611 Holy Bible where it talks about Roman Catholic Church- Yes, yes, the Harlot- 

It is the Roman Catholic Church and the Anti-Christ Papacy from which all abominations are from! Yes, believe it- this is why the Jezebel fornicating whore is riding my bumper and the mad man porn watching college male is dressing like a woman and raping women in the public restrooms. If only he was Gay he might be a good Catholic boy...

I love the roadkill, they are so still and silent. They are the only peaceful thing on the mad house Interstate and roads of this mad country. I want to bury them and say we love you and I'm sorry we killed you to get to our vain destination, for I'm sure it would be better to live in the woods and be at peace with the raccoons than to drive around this merry go round and contend with the Jezebel and Ahabs that simply sicken me...over and over again....

So many deceived people, 2.6 million people dead every year in America, so many are in hell now...burning and regretting every vain stupid thing they lived their lives for- poor wretched humans so foolish. 

We will all reap what we sow, be sure......

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